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Are you part of the “cloud generation” that makes brands more efficient?

Cloud computing is emblematic of the effect of young professionals on business administration, but what does it mean for businesses on the whole?

cloud computing

The cloud is omniscient, and here to stay

Cloud computing is emblematic of the direction that business administration has taken since leadership has become more driven by young professionals.

While the cloud offers inherent benefits such as better technical support, lower purchasing costs, more memory, and faster servers, the technical benefits of running a business through a remote server may not be the philosophical reason that it has caught on so quickly and thoroughly. Communal ownership is at the core of why operating via the cloud is here to say.

In some ways, it’s a if Karl Marx’s dreams are beginning to come true. No longer are professionals driven by the commodity fetishism that pushes them toward the desire to own something.

Ownership, possession and the control that gives a singular entity holding a software disk don’t prove to be as beneficial to organizations as a whole.

Having to purchase programs as individual disks as opposed to having them accessible via a cloud desktop can result in cost-benefit analysis that is detrimental to the development of a workforce.

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Instead of keeping some employees on outdated versions of Office or the like, a licensing fee for the latest version of a program provides every employee with access to it. Exposing the entirety of a staff to the most technologically relevant tools allows them to improve their skill sets as well as to homogenize interoffice protocols by putting everybody on the same page with the same program.

The cloud improves efficiency in new ways

Approaching business administration through the lens of what is best for each staff member as a whole is a culture that is in stark juxtaposition to the impermeable defense of profit maximization at all costs. The cloud can facilitate that new direction of leadership by implementing systems with the intent of the collective benefit of all those encompassed within an organization. By building everyone’s skills one-by-one, the whole of a business is strengthened as the ability, efficiency and impact of each individual employee is improved.

As the prevalence of cloud computing is becoming omnipresent as its technical and utilization benefits appeal to businesses across the board. Some whose cultures may be conservative and to others that could be more aptly described as avant garde. As such, there’s not much reason to think this trend is going to be on the decline anytime soon.

Being able to effectively manage costs by optimizing the value that you gain from a purchase is a tried and true purchasing philosophy that is bound to transcend any era. So for businesses big, small, new, or old, getting on the cloud is imperative to succeeding in an era in which the philosophies of the future are becoming those of the present.


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Brian Clark is a Staff Writer at The American Genius and The Real Daily. He earned a BA in Political Science from The University of Massachusetts, and works in the legal industry by day while also balancing his writing career.



  1. Gabe Sanders

    August 1, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Unfortunately, the cloud is only as good as the Internet connection. Power outages, connection issues and remote computing can make for some serious issues.

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