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Entrepreneur Mag’s attempt at memery falls flat #ffs

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(EDITORIAL) Memes are the best. We like to print them out and make it rain memes. But your time is precious so we do that on our own time, not yours. But not Entrepreneur Mag, and their attempt to gobble the low-hanging fruit fell flat.

Watching paint try. Or April giving birth.

In case you’ve been living without internet the past few weeks, the world went crazy for April the Giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park in New York after the sanctuary began live streaming her birth preparations on YouTube on February 23rd. As of today, the baby is still “sticking out” as she moves about. It has spawned adoration, and of course, endless memes about the long wait.

So as expected, newsrooms rushed to pick the low-hanging fruit. We roll our eyes as we ask, are stories like “4 Marketing Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From April the Giraffe” really what busy entrepreneurs want?

Make no mistake, April’s marketing team is on point. Not only can you watch the live feed from the “official” April the Giraffe website, she has multiple major news outlets following and promoting her and she’s even joined Facebook. She’s a celebrity in her own right. But come on.

Cashing in on a phenomenon

So, what does Entrepreneur Mag do? Salivates over the low-hanging fruit and pushes an article about marketing lessons we can learn from April. It’s insulting. The article is written by an inspirational speaker and certified business coach. This is her first article for Entrepreneur. She doesn’t seem to have a marketing background.

The article itself felt much like a fluff piece, simply a list to cash in on the April phenomenon. The article states that for zookeepers, a giraffe having a birth is an ordinary event. This is April’s 4th birth in 15 years. That’s ordinary? According to Animal Planet, every birth in a zoo is a celebrated occasion. This is not ordinary by any means.

The information in Melish’s article has been regurgitated in one form or another since the early days of Entrepreneur. “Use the technology you have.” “Start before you’ve perfected your product.” “Always have a call-to-action.” There just isn’t any novelty in the article, except for April. She is a novelty, and should be regarded as such.

You deserve better

Here at The American Genius, we are committed to bringing entrepreneurs and small business owners news that you can use, not fluff. We refrain from the low-hanging fruit and refuse to use the “X number of lessons learned from X meme” for page views. You may only read news for 10 minutes in a day and it has to be good, so we produce a variety of stories to appeal to your few precious moments you lend to us. And we thank you for sticking with us.


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