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So how do you know if you should hire a coach? They’ll tell you professional athletes have a coach; heck, even non-professional athletes have a coach. YOU NEED a coach. There’s business coaches, personal and life coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, even purses by Coach.

The Coaches

There’s Mike Ferry. “Ugh, he’s the king of cold calling.” There’s more to it than that. The best thing about Mike’s program is that he delivers on what he says. He says he demands the best out of his coaches, he means it. He says he’s going to give you all the scripts you need to have an answer for everything; he does it. He’s going to put you on a schedule, get ready. Your schedule is coming. Videos. Superstar Retreats. Action Workshops. It’s all available for you to take advantage of. In my experience with the Ferry Organization, the coaches were, by far, the best I had ever worked with. My coach called on time, every time. She was prepared. She knew where we left off, what tasks I was to have completed and where we were going next.

Brian Buffini

Yep, did that one too. It’s a much softer program, designed for the agent to nurture family, friends and past clients. I haven’t been in the program for quite sometime; I know there have been major changes, but the premise is still the same: send a monthly item of value, call behind that item, visit occasionally. The downside is that if you have a small family and center of influence, you’re going to struggle. You need a way to gain new business. I went through three coaches who were only mildly interested in my business. I was the coach for one of them who had no inhibitions whatsoever in telling me her woes.

Joe Stumpf, By Referral Only

Guess what? Did that one too. Joe’s website is the most prolific I’ve ever seen. Every idea that’s ever been created is on that website. There’s no reinventing the wheel with this one. Stumpf has created a community through his website, blog and Main Events. There’s a lot of networking in an upbeat, high-energy environment. At the time I was involved in the coaching, I wasn’t impressed. I was basically left on my own to maneuver through the site and come up with a plan.

The Lessons

I’ve learned a great deal from these programs; and it’s cost me a fortune. Here are a few things that I learned the expensive way: If you’re not ready to learn what they’re teaching, forget it. It’s a waste of time and money. Find out what the core of the program is; if it doesn’t suit you, move on.

If you’re not doing what it takes now, how is hiring a coach going to change that? Yeah. Yeah. I know about accountability, but you still have to cooperate. Hiring a coach isn’t going to make you a different person.

Lastly, you don’t need a coach. You need to work hard. If you’re not working hard – call me. I’ll kick your a** – for free – once or twice. Need more? Hire a coach.

As a lifelong resident and local Realtor, Vicki has established herself as a respected member of the San Mateo County real estate community. She’s known for her wit, sarcasm, and her personality that shows through in her posts. You can find her spouting off at Twitter, here at ag, and her personal blog, San Mateo Real Estate

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  1. Ines

    March 2, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    Hey Vicki – I think you are now qualified to be a coach- maybe you can charge to kick people’s a$$!! 😉

  2. Faina Sechzer

    March 3, 2008 at 6:47 am

    Vicki- this is the best (for sure, most entertaining) “what you get for your money” I have read about the RE coaching. Don’t give away the kick a…for free -that’s priceless:)

  3. Vicki Moore

    March 3, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    LOL. A** kicking is priceless!

  4. Steve

    March 19, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Great post about Ferry…something I recently came across about him…very interesting (second part of this post..)

    Rhymes With Ferry
    By: Russell Shaw,, Post Archive, RSS Feed
    Posted: Wednesday, March 19th, 2008, 9:29 pm MST
    Category: General, Marketing, Realty Reality

    A couple of things. First, the largest real estate company in Arizona (based on number of agents) is now Homesmart. Homesmart was already pretty damn big but on Tuesday it was finalized – they bought Dan Schwartz Realty. Dan Schwartz Realty was, itself, was already one of the top 3 companies in the state for number of agents. So was Homesmart. It is my understanding that – at least for now – both companies will continue to operate with their current names.

    A Little Bird Told Me

    And now for the “big” news. I’ve just received a report that Mike Ferry’s coaching business is falling off. Big time. I have long considered him a predator, so I am happy to hear this. His company has had a pattern of high pressuring agents (who attend his free seminars) to sign up for coaching. Coaching is pretty much all he really sells – his events being a giant sales pitch for getting coached by his organization. For those who don’t follow the Mike Ferry coaching advice or who find it unworkable they are in for an additional shock, besides not having all that additional income they were sure to get. If they attempt to cancel their relationship they discover – as they have signed a contract – their account will be turned over to a collection agency.

    It now happens that the state of California (EDD) recently ruled that all the coaches (I think he has averaged about 60 coaches at any given time since 1999) he has been paying as independent contractors are legally employees. Mike appealed and lost. Prediction: a big fine will soon be levied by California and I’m guessing the IRS will soon do the same. Also, from the very same little bird: a lawsuit from ex-coaches will soon be filed and made public to recover any money not recovered via the taxing agencies. My prediction: he will be out of money before any of them can collect anything.

    Mike, once you see this you can have one of your attorneys send me a nice threatening letter. Here is my contact information.

  5. tomferry

    June 30, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Vicki … I would welcome you to test out our coaching program so you can add it to your list!


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Business Marketing

“House has spark” – burning up the MLS with typos and other bloopers



The year is starting a march toward its natural ending, friends…and it seems a few real estate careers may be also. This week I found some real head-scratchers in local real estate ads and the MLS.  However, I get submissions from all over the U.S., so no one is safe from the eyes of  the Blooper Scooper. Check out these blunders:

Do You Smell Smoke?

“House has spark” (Apparently your real estate career isn’t the only thing going up in smoke.)

“Big pep area in kitchen” (Is that the cookie jar where Mommy Dearest stashes her uppers?) 

“Dull Viking ovens” (Methinks there’s something in the cookie jar that will perk up those dull Vikings.)

“Large greenhose in back” (Large, naked Jolly Green Giant in yard.)

“Mush added to this house” (Was that the overflow from between your ears?)

I Think I See Flames

“Beautifully remolded guest” (Another cosmetically-altered Barbie hits the Hollywood party circuit.)

“Enjoy a drink poolslide” ( Hell, if the pool is sliding, I’ll need a whole pint of Jack.)

“Each bedroom has own bedrooom” (Hello-o-o, Alice, how are things down there in the rabbit hole?)

“Separate pod to build GH” (That should please my pea-sized buyers.)

“Play room for the kiss” (Something tells me this is the back seat of a ’67 Chevy.)

Still Smoldering…

“Ideal for gusts” (That’s great…if you want to live in a wind sock.)

“Impaccably detailed” (Incredibly challenged)

“Stylish pewder room” (Try burning a match.)

“Stone pillars flake driveway” (Flakey agent got stoned in driveway.)

Nothing But Embers (This Week’s Fave):

“From a bygone error” (You have just written your own epitaph.)



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Point & Purpose

What makes a top producer in real estate?



What makes a top producer?

Stop and think for a few minutes about who the top producers are in your market?

Ok, now think about what they doing that has allowed them to continue to consistently produce in a down market, when everyday REALTORS are throwing in the towel.

Every day I scan the MLS to see, what has sold, what is active, and what went under contract (I assume that is something most agents do every day.)

Over and over again the same names pop up as the listing agent with the home that sold or the actual buying agent that sold the home.


Except for one agent in my area, all the top producers have teams. Now it may be a two person, husband and wife team or a well oiled team with a team leader, several assistants, a listing coordinator or a closing coordinator. But, they all have HELP.

In my area, the names that keep popping up are on Teams. I believe it is virtually impossible to be a top producer without help. Well, you could do it alone but if you do how is that effecting time with your family? Realistically how many transactions can you juggle and give good service?

Running a Business

The second thing I notice about those top producers is the fact that they treat their business like a business. Real Estate to them is not just selling a house, but something they brand, allocate resources for, grow and manage. Not only are they thinking of ways to grow their business but they also thinking of the future and how to sell it down the road.

I remember being told by a entrepreneur friend of mine years ago, “all businesses are built to be sold.”

Far to many REALTORS, think of Real Estate as a job they do and someday when they retire then all the hard work of creating and nurturing relationships they have built is gone. (I’m outta here)

Focused and Positive

One other observation I have observed with top producers is they are focused and positive. I never see them “hanging out at the office”, or attending broker opens, or really for that matter, serving much at all on their local boards. Oh there are a few, but really very few.

Finally, I don’t see many top producers in my market on Twitter, Facebook, Empire Avenue or other social media sites during the day. I don’t see them at every conference known to man around the country.

What I do see is they work everyday, on their business and in their business.

How ‘bout you?

Think of the top REALTORS in your market, what characteristics do you see?

Flickr Photo Credit

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Business Marketing

“New bd pans inc” – Making a Splash on the MLS



I have two things to say this week: 1. When you drink, you can’t think. 2. When you drink you can’t- … uh, what was I saying? Oh, yes – the MLS.  It was so full of bloopers this week that I am led to conclude that happy hour started Monday and never stopped. Read these and tell me if it is any wonder I was driven to throw back a few martinis myself:

Booze ‘N’ Fools

“Free membership to gin inc” (It seems someone else beat us to it, Martini Mary.)

“Grab now use imagination” (That’s what Arnold said to his housekeeper.)

“House has new edition” (Agent lacks erudition.)

“Babblying broke runs in back” (Bumbling buffoon runs amuck.)

“Drop by for cocktail ho” (Oh, is the Sunset Strip for sale?)

Puff ‘N’ Stuff

“Near Sacramento airpot” (I believe his name is Jerry Brown.)

“Claw me for selling” (I’m too busy clawing my eyes out over your spelling.)

“Reduction on mid-century ner Holywod” (Another mid-sixties porn star is looking for work.)

“We can sake your home” (Can I get fried rice with my sake?)

Proof or Goof

“Nice streem” (Said Grandma to Grandpa after his diaper  exploded.)

“Nice for dog kids” (Uh, they’re called ‘puppies,” pal.)

“New bd pans included” (Thank you, Nurse Nancy – can you warm those first?)

“Good stable in neighborhood.” (Have you contacted Mary and Joseph?)

“Drawing for plasma” (Is this a blood-bank?)

And This Week’s Winner Is:

“Good school in areola” (Thanks for keeping me abreast of things.)


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