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Manage and assess your GitHub projects with Blazemetrics


(ENTREPRENEUR NEWS) Blazemetrics calls itself “the better way to measure project health,” and any GitHub user or team should take a serious look at this tool.

The short of it

For any team using Github, Blazemetrics is a new project management, time tracking, metrics, and reporting tool.

Built on the Github API, Blazemetrics enhances Github with time tracking, issue prioritization, budget and schedule tracking, plus 20 metrics designed to optimize project performance.

The juicy details

With the service, project managers can keep up-to-date on a project’s status. The tool also provides a comprehensive real-time dashboard, as well as emailed reports.

Blazemetrics puts all of your project data right inside of Github. Along with getting a real-time snapshot of project status in seconds, every ad hoc task can be tracked, including how much it cost and how long it took, separate from the original planned scope. Also, the tool keeps the full project history.

Visualize project status

In addition to a suite of project management tools, Blazemetrics goes one step further by tracking the full project history in real-time.

With the project performance dashboard, managers can calculate both current and forecasted costs in seconds to determine whether the team is completing enough work to meet the deadline and budget.

In the cost performance dashboard, project expenses can be filtered by milestone, feature, release or date range and can be drilled down to identify the cost of each task in the project.

Additionally, there’s a dashboard to help you keep track of schedule performance to find out if you’re completing work according to the plan. The scope performance dashboard allows you to quickly identify what work is completed, along with what work is remaining and who’s working on it. Best of all, you can dashboard your project status for the team, or email reports out to your stakeholders.

Not just for project managers

Blazemetrics was built for developers and let’s devs work where they’re comfortable-directly in Github. Developers can also easily track time in comment messages. Account managers can easily pull project data or accurately quote proposals. Senior managers can add Blazemetrics to weekly team meetings. Meanwhile, dev ops managers can monitor their dev team’s progress throughout the project.

Currently, a single project is free. If you have multiple projects, paid accounts start at $15/month.


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