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windows 8 pricing

Microsoft shocks all, offer Windows 8 for $39.99

July 2, 2012

windows 8 pricing

Microsoft surprises everyone by making Windows affordable

Last June, images were leaked, showing the new features of Windows 8 to be released this fall, and sticking to the smartphone user interface of the increasingly popular Windows phone. The move to use the “Metro” tile design of their smartphones is a refreshing innovation for such a traditional, mature company. With the rise of the Android OS, Microsoft has had to come up with a way to regain some of their marketshare in mobile, and the rise of Apple has pushed them to improve their desktop OS to compete, and crossing over both could prove to be a winning move.

It’s not just the sexy design or sped up technology that Microsoft is adding to their arsenal, no, according to Microsoft, they will be selling upgrades for a price lower than any had predicted, especially given that previous upgrades cost around $199.

When Windows 8 launches this fall, Microsoft will offer upgrades for only $39.99 to current users of Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 7. The upgrades can be downloaded from when they launch, and the company says new computer purchasers may enroll in a similar update for $14.99. For users in need of the actual CD, the upgrade will cost $69.99.

“We believe that your upgrade experience in Windows 8 will be a breeze by offering a faster experience, a single upgrade path, and compatibility from prior versions of Windows,” Microsoft said in their announcement.

This pricing structure could be highly encouraging to users looking to modernize their experience with Windows 8 which will have the latest bells and whistles.

Different versions of Windows 8

The company did not make mention of the potentially different pricing to be announced for the various editions of Windows 8, as there is also Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT, the differences between which are outlined below in a quick comparison chart:

windows 8 comparison chart

Windows has been the ugly stepchild of the tech world for many years, but with this massive overhaul to crossover to the mobile feel and functions, Microsoft could be the media darling again soon.

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