Australian teens launch online Android community

Productive fanboys

“Who cares about that “other” operating system when you can have Android?” the three founders of Android Australia ask. Josh Berg, 19, Adrian Rich, 17, and Daniel Kocherginsky, 19 joined forces to launch the community, based on their own adoration for the operating system and all of its corresponding devices. The three had regularly discussed Android news but felt that there was a lack of relevant information for Australians, so they took it upon themselves to form a community around their favorite topic.

“We’ve given up food, sleep and women to launch Android Australia, a new website and blogging platform for hard core Android fans south of the equator,” the team jested. They say they are more than just an Android and Google news source, they are a go-to community for fans and users to publish blog posts, comments and opinions about Android.

“We’re passionate about Android and Google, and feel Australian users needed localised news to get a better understanding of what is available down under. We greatly value our community and their opinions. As such we created a chat room, a forum and a community blogging system to benefit all users,” said Berg.

The team tells AGBeat that “the community aspect was developed behind the ideology that everyone has an opinion to share. We encourage readers to have a voice, whether it be in the forum, the chat or to post their own article as a ‘Community Blogger.'”

While many do not find inspiration until later on in life, and the majority of teens never move beyond learning how to use a device, the three were highly motivated by their adoration of Android. They took the initiative to build the new community because they “want to spread this love in Australia and give Australians the opportunity to join a community revolved around Android.”


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