iPhone app streamlines real estate search for consumers

Simple iPhone app

A new iPhone app has just hit the market and we predict that there will be mixed reviews from inside the real estate community given each person’s role in a transaction. Buyer’s agents might consider it an extra headache to contend with but listing agents will praise consumers walking through the door with precise needs already being met.

The app is called “House Hunter” and for $3.99, consumers (or even brand new agents) can use the app as a “scorecard” for their home search by narrowing common search factors that go above and beyond number of bedrooms and zip code. Users can compare homes and the app aims to “remove the emotional drama and confusion of selecting your next home by providing relative scores based upon [a user’s] unique requirements and priorities.”

iPhone app features

According to House Hunters:

  • Unique scoring method helps identify houses that best match your requirements
  • Over 80 different home features to choose from and prioritize, personalize it to your needs
  • Add your own custom features not included in default list
  • Quick Notes feature to save time and typing when entering info on each property
  • Take/Store pictures to remember unique features of each property visited
  • Detail list of Must Have/Missing items for each property
  • Share detailed Features List and House Scores with agent for better search results
  • GPS enabled property address entry
  • Photo Management tool to view/compare photos from each address
  • Mortgage Calculator to determine different payment scenarios
  • Quick Jump between Features List and Scorecard to easily add new features
  • Single page view for all relevant data captured on house

We like the idea of this app for consumers that second guess everything or simply question all information and are in depth researchers during their home searching process. There are personalities that must see all options within their parameters, so why not help them narrow their search parameters to less subjective filters?

What do you think of the House Hunter app? Will it help your business or complicate it?



  1. Jay Taylor

    June 30, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    Thanks AG for sharing. As the developer of this app, we are pretty excited about what we have created. We did work closely with several agents during development and leading up to release. We incorporated much of that feedback into the product so we hope that we addressed concerns that realtors might have about the app.

    The goal here is to simplify the process while helping give agents access to more detailed info on buyer wants/needs. Early feedback from our Realtor partners has been pretty positive and many have indicated that they really like the detailed feature list info. You can see some additional screenshots on our facebook page www . facebook . com/Cre8tiveApps

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