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Getting Friendly With Facebook – A Follow-Up

Get friendly with Facebook or You'll Be Out In The ColdMind Set = What and Why

Two weeks ago I wrote about  the cataclysmic future of effect of Facebook .  My Point, you gotta make friends with Facebook or you’ll be left out.

Skill Set = How and When

I wanted to trail my two weeks ago ramble by sharing recommendations and observations with this Skill Set follow-up.

If you’ve concluded that Facebook has promise, here’s a few ideas to flash forward your success.  If you have some ideas and observations, and I know you do, it’d be super cool if you’d share them in comments – everyone wins.

Time Suck

Anything can be a time suck.  Anything.  FB included.  It doesn’t have to be.

Facebook is a toy that can be used as a tool, that’s what makes it so powerful. I think a smart person like you could spend 30 minutes a day on Facebook and effectively converse, comment, connect and review friend activity.  The beauty of Facebook is when you comment, post a link, upload photos, update your status or click the “Like” link, your ping sits there patiently, waiting to viewed at your friends convenience.  30 minutes a day will give you the Frequency, Relevancy and Remarkability required for super-glue Top Of Mind Awareness.

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The secret to speed and anti-time-suck is understanding how to manage your relationships with Friend Lists.  Here’s HOW.

Growing Your Network

Sometimes I asked, what’s the right number of friends on Facebook?  Or, what’s the average?  My answer, “Are you average?”.  I don’t think you are, so why worry about what the average are doing.  Look around, observe and question Top Performers, how many people do they have in their network, 200, 500, 2500.  Only you know the right number for you, generally speaking I’d say shrinking your way to success isn’t a winning strategy.

Invest some time in growing your network of friends.  Here’s HOW and HOW.

Words Of Caution:  Don’t load up your network with other real estate agents in your market place. You know why, right?

Security Issues and Excuses

I hear it all the time, “I don’t what my personal stuff slathered all other the Internet.”  Ummm, I get that.   But, if you have a listing, all your personal contact information is world wide internet broadcast already, including your picture.  Get over it. Don’t slug it out with the Internet, hug it out.  The good news, you control your content.  You manage your personal brand persona.  Be wise, not invisible.

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Post, share and display what you feel is appropriate.  Invisibility isn’t appropriate, it’s a death wish.  Go forward.

Having said all that, here’s the greatest article of all time – how to set Facebook privacy settings:  10 Facebook Privacy Settings Every User Should Know

Are You Thinking, “I Don’t Know What To Say Or Write On Facebook.”

Yes, you do.

You know what to say to old friends, good friends and new friends in real life, don’t you?  Connecting and conversing on Facebook is exactly like Real Life. While perusing the activity, status updates and Facebook postings on your friends wall, add comments just like you would in real life.  If you’re not in a talkative mood, simply click the “Like” link.  Most of your interaction should center around the activity of others. Remember, when your friends post something to their wall, they are hoping someone will notice, so be kind, give them what they want (attention + a sense of significance).

When it comes to posting your status update, share more than a status update, enrich your content,  share photos, videos and links to interesting information.  Keep in mind you don’t have to be the source of the information, you can be the source of the source.

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The main thing is, be yourself, share and comment.

It’s Really That Simple

All you have to do is get started.  Be yourself.  Engage.  Be polite.  Share.  Observe what others do, model the cool, creative and consistent.  Innovate.  Be creative.  Have fun.


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Written By

Ken Brand - Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors. I’ve proudly worn a Realtor tattoo for over 10,957+ days, practicing our craft in San Diego, Austin, Aspen and now, The Woodlands, TX. As a life long learner, I’ve studied, read, written, taught, observed and participated in spectacular face plant failures and giddy inducing triumphs. I invite you to read my blog posts here at Agent Genius and On the lighter side, you can follow my folly on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, you’re always to welcome to take the shortcut and call: 832-797-1779.



  1. MIssy Caulk

    August 31, 2009 at 7:24 am

    Ken, I send my blog posts there. I never, ever get as “much attention” as when I comment on food, the weather or something more folks care about. I am trying to learn to use my Page for RE and keep my profile page more personal.
    I do know some folks who have sold from facebook but to past clients who moved and then wanted to come back to Ann Arbor.
    I am really loving my FB groups, I can connect with so many more people.

  2. Ed Kohler

    August 31, 2009 at 11:52 am

    One area within Facebook that’s particularly fun to use to engage friends is photos. Click the photos tab to see the latest loaded by your network and drop a comment every once in a while if there’s something noteworthy in a photo.

  3. eyerke

    August 31, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    Facebook is the greatest tool to update your Sphere of Influence. You get to post updates to remind your contacts that you are in the business.

    Always, always ask your clients if you can add them as a friend on facebook. From then on your relevance will always be refreshed in their heads. Cause you know they need to be reminded.

  4. Sal Antsipenka

    August 31, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    Facebook as a marketing tool for real estate business is greatly overstated, especially if you grow a number of friends to 1000 or something like that. Can you imagine chit chatting with that number of people during the day? By the way conversation normally slips away from real estate and goes to regular themes like shopping, gossip etc. when you become too friendly.

  5. Ed Kohler

    August 31, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    @Sal, the agents I’ve worked with have shared bits of their personal lives with me such as stories about their kids, trips they’ve been on, etc. I’ve found that this type of thing made our relationships stronger. Facebook is very good at facilitating this type of conversation.

    Facebook is also great for keeping large numbers of people up to date on small but significant things in your life.

  6. Atlanta Real Estate

    September 1, 2009 at 8:53 am


    Thanks for the blog. I always read these types of posts because so far I have not participated in Facebook, Twitter, or any of those services with the funny names.

    You probably think, well this guy must be 87 years old, but I’m 44 and surrounded by computers (literally). I’m a SEO guy, web developer, engineer, baseball coach, father of two, realtor. I’m fairly well rounded.

    I’m online nearly all awake hours and carry a blackberry 24/7.

    I enjoy conversing with people like you about interesting topics on Blogs like this one. But, I feel no need to tweet anyone, or do whatever happens on Facebook, or even LinkIn to anything.

    Is there something wrong with me? Why don’t I “get it?”


    Have a good day!


  7. Ken Brand

    September 1, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Missy: Yep, I find the same thing. The personal/human interest stuff is what seems to spark the most conversation. Thanks:-)

    Ed: Great points, everyone love to look a pictures. Cheers.

    Sal: I think FB is underrated and under utilized. I believe people choose to work with people they know and trust, FB provides an opportunity to share who and what you are. You’re right about the number of people, 1000 is hard to keep up, the number is a personal deal, to each their own I imagine. Thanks for reading and your comments. Cheers.

    Eyerke: Amen. Cheers and thanks.

    Rob?Atlanta Real Estate: You’re fine, no worries. I think it’s something you’ll keep you eye on. Eventually, if your prospect or clients are having these juicy and personal conversations on line and you’re not, well, people become better friends, refer and recommend they know best and think of first. If you’re not Top Of Mind and someone else is, poof, there goes the opportunity. Thanks for reading and sharing your view. Rock ON.

  8. Joe Loomer

    September 1, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    If you go to and put in Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace, it’s pretty elementary from there. I direct that mainly at Rob from Atlanta Real Estate because I don’t have to be as polite as Ken is ;). If you don’t do it now, you’ll waste a lot of time getting caught up later. At the end of the day, you’ll realize your Sphere of Influence beat you there – and so did your competition.

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride.

  9. Atlanta Real Estate

    September 1, 2009 at 2:32 pm


    Don’t worry about me, I’ve got thick skin.

    However, I’m not even remotely sold on your concepts.

    I’ve got a growing database here of prospects that have registered on my web site. Approaching 3,000 in two years.

    I’ve had a steady stream of clients which is also growing.

    Not ONCE did any of them mention any of these sites nor did ANY of them come from said sites.

    Also, for me Real Estate is a business and I prefer not to really have my “sphere of influence” or all my friends and neighbors and church goers as clients.

    Right now I’m working with a Korean all cash buyer in the $5M range. Darn kucky I know. But if I’m trying to land that whale on some social internet site, forget it.

    All that said, these are my own personal experiences and observations. I know people love those sites and I don’t mean to be bruising any toes!



  10. Linsey Planeta

    September 11, 2009 at 1:13 am

    Love this Ken. Just had this exact conversation with one of my agents that had a similar knee jerk reaction about time. I will be forwarding her this piece.

    What I have been amazed by in the last year, is how many people use it as their primary form of contact with me. These folks have my email, my phone number, and yet, when the time comes, I’m surprised how often they use Facebook to reach out to me. That alone speaks volumes. You have to be where the people are – and like it or not – more and more, they are on Facebook.

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