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Putting the Puzzle together – CRM with Tina

compass [640x480]My experience with Tina continues.

She decided to try a few products, web based and attached to Outlook. A couple of key revelations along the way:

Changing habits is a hard thing to do. Period.

I have heard countless times that you need to do something at least 21 times before it becomes a habit, and that is pretty hard, unless you are driven. As an adult learner, we also learned that Tina wanted to understand how the whole product worked right out of the box and because that is NOT possible, more frustration.

A product needs to be intuitive, but at the same time, training is required. An acquaintance of mine is a sales manager for a pharmaceutical firm and when her company rolls out any new software, all the sales people have to fly to a week long training and spend some $dollar$ to get trained. No questions asked. But in real estate we don’t seem to take think this is necessary. We just want it to WORK. And open the manual? Yikes. We have DLRM Syndrome! (Don’t Like Reading Manual).

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We have decided that a product on the computer that works with Outlook would be better, As Loren Nason mentioned, if you use a hosted exchange account your Outlook is now web based and everything syncs with your hand held.

We also decided on our top ten needs list:

  1. Customizable check lists
  2. Drip Marketing options
  3. Recurring appointments
  4. Transaction management capability
  5. Works with Outlook
  6. Syncs with mobile device
  7. Can also be web based
  8. Intuitive, easy to learn
  9. Training available
  10. Cost reasonable

I put a message out to Mr. Hardy. If he would like to get his product into the mix and offer Tina an overview we would enjoy that.

Next . . . a detailed explanation of what we chose and why

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Amy is a national technology speaker who can inspire, train and help people implement technology strategies into their business. To find out about her training, coaching or webinars visit her website at



  1. Matthew Hardy

    June 28, 2009 at 12:06 am

    “So Amy and Tina were talkin’ CRM over at Agent Genius and asked if I’d like to offer an overview…”

    Thank you Amy!

  2. Jim Winters

    June 28, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    This is great! When is the next installment?

  3. Derec Shuler (@dereshuler)

    July 9, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Ok Amy, looking forward to the next part! I’ve been having this issue and my need list is very close to you except the mobile device MUST be an iPhone. I’d also prefer an open platform that you can add plugins like Salesforce. Cheers, Derec

  4. scott schmitz

    August 19, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    Ok. I decided to take you up on your challenge. We have a product (RealtyJuggler) that meets your criteria pretty well. Since you have a top 10 list, lets go down it and see how we do:

    Customizable check lists – Yes. Tasks can be repeatable, can be tied to a specific date (like ratified date or closing date). You can deploy a task list against a specific deal or contact. You can also have task lists deployed automatically when you create a new Prospect, Buyer, Seller, Buy Side Closing or Sell Side Closing record.

    Drip Marketing options – yes. Drip e-mails as well as letters.

    Recurring appointments – yes.

    Transaction management capability – yes. Track deals with ease. Track clients, prospects, open houses, yard signs, lockboxes (yes, even lockboxes!) and lots of dates – closing, ratified, inspection etc.

    Works with Outlook – yes. Sync contacts tasks and appointments with outlook.

    Syncs with mobile device – yes. Since your data is in outlook you can sync with any device that syncs with outlook (windows mobile, palm, pocket pc, blackberry, android etc.) If your phone has a modern web browser, you can even sign into the system from your web browser – palm pre, iPhone and android users can do this.

    Can also be web based – yes. works on any web browser and on Mac. Use firefox browser is your like.

    Intuitive, easy to learn – yes. that’s our main claim to fame.

    Training available – yes. please call us at 800-681-5089 and we will walk you through whatever capabilities you need to learn about. technical support is free.

    Cost reasonable – we charge $99 / year / user and that cost will never go up as long as you keep your subscription active. We offer a 90 day free trial and that trial is literally that – free. Signing up for the free trial takes 30 seconds and requires no credit card or any billing info. After all, this is a free trial, so why would we need to get any credit card info from you. I mention this as most of our competitors do a 30 dar free trial and then automatically charge your credit card unless you proactively cancel your trial. We thing that’s sleazey. Your free trial is simply that- a free trial and if you like what you see, you can convert your subscription into a free trial by clicking on the buy now button. I shoudl also mention that there are no add-ons with realtyJuggler. the outlook sync is part of the product. Som you pay a single $99 / year fee. that’s it!

    I would also like to add a few capabilities that we have that almost everyone asks about:

    Contacts Import – realtyJuggler can import contacts from Top Producer, ACT! and any other CRM product out there. We have detailed instructions for over a dozen products and will work with you to get your data imported. This is a free service.

    Multi-User – RealtyJuggler works fine with a partner or assistant. You can even configure an entire brokerage office to use realtyjuggler. Since the software is web based, you don’t install anything and don’t maintain anything. Configuration for multi-user is extremely simple and takes 30 seconds.

    Please give us a try. Your list looks a lot like the advertising we have on our web site – so either you are a mind reader or we have the same priorities as you do!

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