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DocuHome records, organizes home inventory in seconds

Born out of necessity

On November 24, 2007, Anita and Bradford Stanley packed a suitcase and rushed out of their home to evacuate during the Malibu Fires, not knowing that they would never see their home again as it was consumed by fire. The couple had taken photos of the interior and exterior of their home, but the details were minimal and it took months to complete the home inventory list required by their insurance company.

Born out of necessity, in 2009, Bradford Stanley founded DocuHome, a home inventory service that takes advantage of modern devices. On the website, Anita writes, “I hope you never need it, but speaking from experience, it is necessary to have.” She adds that “if a loss should occur, a DocuHome home inventory will make the difference between an inadequate restoration of your home and its furnishing and gaining all that is rightfully yours from your insurance policy.”

The company prides themselves as “the most comprehensive, easy to use home inventory product and service on the market today, offering a patent-pending photo and tagging system wherein a homeowner (or renter) can photograph an item, assign a value, take notes (like serial numbers, dimensions and the like) and upload it so that the information is safe.

Who uses inventories

A simple do-it-yourself option is available, but they also offer a full service solution with a certified DocuHome service provider. The service is used not only by renters and homeowners but small businesses, insurance brokers, professional organizers, appraisers, estate planners, home security companies, real estate brokers, photographers, property managers, emergency management experts and more.

Not only used for insurance purposes, but DocuHome can be used to prevent (or settle) disputes with short- or long-term rentals of real estate property or even technology device rentals. The theory is that it is better to be safe than sorry, and the simple step of an advanced inventory can save a great deal of time and money later.



  1. Karen Highland

    January 15, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    This is a super service to homeowners! Is there a link to their website?

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