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Man scanning inventory with tablet in one hand and a scanner in the other. Man scanning inventory with tablet in one hand and a scanner in the other.

Business Entrepreneur

(BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR) Feeling overwhelmed by your inventory this year? Use these three simple tips to keep your stock managed for the end of the...

Woman testing VR technology Woman testing VR technology

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Want to see into the future? Just take a look at what technology the tech field is exploring and investing in today...

Two female programmers at a laptop working on a programming screen. Two female programmers at a laptop working on a programming screen.

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Considering a career as a developer or programmer? You're not alone. Here's top 10 programming languages to enhance or start your career.

Person using content management system with hands on keyboard and small bit of desktop visible. Person using content management system with hands on keyboard and small bit of desktop visible.

Business Marketing

(BUSINESS MARKETING) You may be familiar with your typical content management system, but had you heard of a 'headless' model? Let's dig into it...

manufacturers inspection manufacturers inspection

Business Marketing

(BUSINESS MARKETING) Big companies are in a bit of a bind currently with ongoing trade issues and environmental impact, so wouldn't local manufacturers be...

fitness tech fitness tech

Tech News

(TECH) Fitness tech is getting sophisticated, and investors are eyeballing the market for new opportunities and innovations.

productivity minimalism entrepreneurs freelancer-desk-work productivity minimalism entrepreneurs freelancer-desk-work

Business Marketing

(BUSINESS NEWS) Comparing your company to one of the big ones could actually hurt your business. Let's dive into exactly why.

smart tv remote cable smart tv remote cable

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) What to do if you buy a Smart TV but don't want outsiders using it to spy on you.

trillium car hacks trillium car hacks

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Hackers couldn’t get through this IoT security system, even the promise of winning a new car.

blackberry blackberry

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Blackberry heard you and has decided to collaborate and listen. They're back with a brand new invention: KEYone, a secure android.

amazon amazon

Opinion Editorials

(EDITORIAL) The monopoly is growing and competition is fierce, but we should be careful what we wish for - would this monopolistic world really...

google home voice google home voice

Tech News

(TECHNOLOGY) Artificial intelligence apps are blowing up lately, and you may be trying to pick the best option for you. Here we address what...

amazon echo alexa amazon echo alexa

Tech News

(TECHNOLOGY) In the market for a voice-controlled assistant? Let's check out what Amazon Echo can do that competitor Google Home can't.

samsung galaxy phone samsung galaxy phone

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Samsung plans to launch new, incredibly-helpful, virtual assistant, Bixby, with new Galaxy phone.

technical coding interview technical coding interview

Business News

(NEWS) The CIA got hacked again and this time the reports concern you in a major way.

ibm watson ibm watson

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) IBM's new partnership with Visa pushes us even further into the magical future world of the IoT. Show me the money!

blockchains blockchains

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Blockchains are earning their way into tech minds from entry level to veteran, and their implications are massive.

shopping-vr emerging technologies shopping-vr emerging technologies

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Understanding which technologies some of the top US Business and IT Executives use benefits a variety of business aspects like marketing plans,...

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Hopping on the current metallic, jewelry-like temporary tattoo craze but with a technological twist.

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) We all know about the 4G network, but 5G is coming. What does that mean and when will it be here (and...

Business News

Google is no stranger to innovation. They've started the push into 3 of the biggest trends in tech and online communication: virtual assistance, virtual...

nlg arria intelligence nlg arria intelligence

Tech News

Giving the internet a voice without making it sound like a robot. That’s the challenge of Arria NLG, a prime example of how natural...

woman phone woman phone

Tech News

With everyone from malware hackers to advertisers to the NSA trying to get information from smartphones, mobile users are understandably protective about revealing their...

mobile apps, android tablets mobile apps, android tablets

Business News

There are plenty of technology trends businesses need in order to stay relevant, but these six are the most important as they are the...

big data big data

Tech News

No more nodding and smiling, pretending you know what people mean when they refer to "Big Data". Read this and join the club.

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