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Neon artificial human Neon artificial human

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Star Labs' project Neon creates "artificial human" with wide variety of uses, and they plan to show it off at this years...

minimalism minimalism

Opinion Editorials

(EDITORIAL) You don’t have to ditch your couch and all but one cushion to be a minimalist. Try applying minimalist thinking to your job...

bose frames bose frames

Tech News

(TECHNOLOGY) Bose is using augmented reality in a fascinating new way (even if we're poking fun at it).

smartphone addiction smartphone addiction

Tech News

(TECHNOLOGY) Smartphone addiction is increasingly common, and it's not just manners that we worry about, it's the physical impact and erosion of social norms...

instagram instagram

Tech News

(SOCIAL MEDIA) Ever wonder if your efforts are worth any dollar bills? If marketers would be interested in your cat pics? You might be...

amazon ar amazon ar

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Amazon's new AR app allows shoppers to try things items out in their homes before making the decision and buying it.

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) Behold! GIPHY World -- an augmented reality app that lets you communicate via gif *in* AR.

apple arkit augmented reality ar apple arkit augmented reality ar

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) The Tortoise and the Hare: The race for the unveiling of new AR between Apple and Google. Which is superior (or is...

finger college companies apprenticeship grad college finger college companies apprenticeship grad college

Business News

(BUSINESS NEWS) LinkedIn recently published a list of the 50 top companies everyone wants to work for.

side hustles side hustles

Business News

(BUSINESS NEWS) Google is aiming to shake up online education by using their Squared Online system to merge online and classroom learning.

typing nanodegree typing nanodegree

Business Marketing

(MARKETING NEWS) Udacity has a new nanodegree aimed at getting you up to speed on digital marketing - will employers accept the degree, or...

sxsw 2017 sxsw 2017

Business News

(BUSINESS NEWS) A quick snapshot of SXSW, Austin's biggest festival (and arguably in the nation's most popular), and what you can expect in 2018.

snapchat cimagine AR snapchat cimagine AR

Tech News

(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) As Snapchat cuts a check for $40M, we will be able to see just how realistic some of the filters become.

cash amazon label cash amazon label

Business News

(FINANCE NEWS) Although they are notorious for underselling, a closer look shows that Amazon is not *always* the best bet when you want to...

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) In the quest for us all to become part time cyborgs, I predict all of this technology will soon be integrated into...

Tech News

(TECH NEWS) We've spoken endlessly about the enthusiasm behind Pokémon Go, but for many rewards, there is a risk. In this case, one that...

Opinion Editorials

(EDITORIAL) Let’s face it, Pokémon Go has put the fun back in phone functionality (get it?).

facebook live facebook live

Social Media

In social media, videos can enhance your presence and draw attention to your message. Now, it seems Facebook is the best place to establish...

Woman on computer discussing feedback to her business partner. Woman on computer discussing feedback to her business partner.

Business Entrepreneur

(Business Entrepreneur) Startups fail for a handful of reasons, but there are common obstacles to look out for to ensure your own success.

blackphone blackphone

Tech News

(Tech News) The Blackphone has started shipping pre-orders and you can get yours later this month so you can browse anonymously, have encrypted calls,...

ikea living billboard ikea living billboard

Business Marketing

IKEA living billboards is yet another experiment the Swedish furniture brand is experimenting with, inspiring brands of all size to get creative.

Opinion Editorials

The spin on healthcare act, the debt ceiling and the debt - where's the off ramp for either party or for the American public...

dual agency dual agency

Opinion Editorials

The real estate consuming public wants results. In the last half century they've simply not made even a small deal out of dual agency.

trulia trulia

Opinion Editorials

Trulia makes a $355 million acquisition, and there is much chatter about the implications of this big buy. Below, one broker opines on the...

broker models broker models

Opinion Editorials

By comparing the numbers of broker models, it becomes apparent that not only is one clearly more financially feasible, but could lead to a...

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