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Ninja Genius & the Enemy Line

Really Part 2

Okay, this is really, Enemy Line, part 2.  Part 1 was here.  The reason for the delay: I was in Orlando for Starpower and this is the first chance I’ve had since I got back to town.  This post was prompted by the various questions I received in the comments section of that first post.  Please forgive me for this: most of those questions (I received some in person as well) were prompted by people reading the first post and then NOT actually doing what that post said to do.  This would be sort of like reading about an exercise program and then wondering why you had not experienced any improvement – even though you fully understood what you had just read.

First, I will start with these three:

I want to know what to do with the list?

I’d love to hear how you overcome this enemy line?

I too am curious about your suggested methods to get beyond the enemy line: taping a note to your morning mirror that says “I shall overcome”?

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What’s Holding You Back?

What to do with the list?  Keep it.  The whole point is to get the ideas that you are carting around with you – that all seem so perfectly “logical” – that ARE the very ideas that are holding you back.  You must write them out, one by one.  If you have not done so already, please read again – right now – the original post.  It is vital to get those ideas correctly labeled and to create some distance between you and the suppressive idea.  Suppressive = not in agreement with you achieving your goal.  Period.  Any idea in conflict with your goals is “bad”.  It makes no difference where it came from.  You keep it so if any of those ideas ever come back, you can instantly recognize them for what they are: poison.

Questions 2 & 3.  How do you overcome the enemy line?  The answer is simple but at first will not seem very real.  The answer won’t seem real to you because you are still the effect of the enemy lines that are functioning as your mooring lines.  In most cases, these thoughts sit below your current level of awareness.  I am not talking about your “subconscious mind” – these effective mooring lines are just now simply below the water line.  Un-inspected.  The ones holding you back are usually NOT the ones you became aware of when I first put your attention on this area (when you read the first post).  Those enemy line ideas (all bad) you are already aware of.  You didn’t have to dig – even a little bit – to find them.  There are others sitting below those.  Write the first ones out, then some more will follow.  Then some more.  These ideas now being unearthed and written on your list you had never been even thinking of as “enemy line”.  But there they are and you have now spotted them as such.  They were available to you all along, but only after getting the first ones out are they likely to be correctly evaluated for what they are.

The Only Way To Succeed

I got this idea from a policy letter written by L. Ron Hubbard.  Talking to organization staff members, he said,

“The only way you can be successful on a post or win at it is to be at cause over it.

A way to sort of audit a post (clear up any confusion or barriers) is to write down any and all points where one feels he is NOT at cause over his post.

Then to look at points one after another where one can be at cause.

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One’s vision of this gets bigger and bigger.

And one comes to cause over his post.

Try it.”

So the answer to:

Could the enemy line be overcome by writing the how to overcome as part of the list?

is sure.  But write out your enemy line list first.  Get it all out.  Any area where you feel at effect.  As you go through this you will naturally start to see how you can be at cause over this and over that. That is the whole idea.  But get that list written in full first.

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Here’s What You Do

To activate YOUR enemy line ideas just put your attention on some lofty goal (anything you have wanted to BE, DO or HAVE that you have not yet achieved.  Those “wonderful” ideas that start to pop up as to why you can not really achieve those goals are your enemy line.  Write them down.  Not kept in your head.  In writing, please.

Also from Hubbard:



Brick Wall Stop

From Point A to Point B

Let’s say you are currently at point A and your goal is arriving at B.  Achieving your goal would be going from A to B.  As you started to move in that direction “something” became a barrier.  Ever since, anytime something or someone in the environment put your attention onto B (the goal) your attention would automatically go to (and fixate upon) the barrier.  In other words, when you have tried to focus on the goal what you would see and create was the stop – the barrier.  This is exactly what occurred with questions 2 & 3, above.  The barrier seems so formidable that the question becomes, “how to overcome it”.

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How DO You Overcome???

By taking your attention off of it.

Stop creating it.  Put your attention back on what it is you wanted – your goals.  Keep putting your attention back on your goals.  As you do, the various old counter intentions will continue to pop up.  Add them to the list and keep putting your attention on your goals. 

From Mr. Hubbard and one of the most useful things I have ever learned:


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Russell has been an Associate Broker with John Hall & Associates since 1978 and ranks in the top 1% of all agents in the U.S. Most recently The Wall Street Journal recognized the Top 200 Agents in America, awarding Russell # 25 for number of units sold. Russell has been featured in many books such as, "The Billion Dollar Agent" by Steve Kantor and "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" by Gary Keller and has often been a featured speaker for national conventions and routinely speaks at various state and local association conventions. Visit him also at and



  1. Erion Shehaj

    July 29, 2008 at 5:48 am


    When you’re struggling as an agent (or as anything else for that matter) advice over how to change your method of thinking seems like such crap.

    “What do you mean, I can just write down my goals and achieve them?”

    But once you’re on the other side of that barrier (even on a non-major goal), you get it. It is all about focused energy and commitment. It’s what makes one lose weight when one never loses site of the goal and is determined to get there. It’s what makes an agent close whatever they want to close, by setting goals, figuring out what actions are required to achieve them (dollar producing activities) and then focusing on those actions with everything you have.

    Recently, one of my agents, whom I recommended to read “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”, came back to me after two weeks and told me this:

    “I don’t think that book is all that great. I don’t know. The guy just sounds like a cheerleader most of the time”.

    I smiled and remembered a Russell Shaw post that told me to “read the Millionaire Real Estate agent to the point of understanding

  2. Mark Eibner

    July 29, 2008 at 9:11 am

    we’re at it again Ninja Genius & the Enemy Line: We\’re in ICRM (Inman Connect Recovery..

  3. Matt Thomson

    July 29, 2008 at 9:56 am

    I just got back from a KW sponsored class on the MREA…interesting that the first 170 pages are all about the way one THINKS. I don’t think authors like Gary Keller and contributors such as Russell would put so much emphasis on THINKING if it weren’t so crucial.
    And yet, like you assert, most of us still let those barriers get in the way and wonder what we need to DO first.
    Great thoughts, thanks.

  4. Vicki Moore

    July 29, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    Upon your advice I’m reading Keller’s book. I get my positive thinking wherever I can. As far as what to do with the list – who cares. Burn it. That’s not the point of the exercise.

  5. John Morley

    July 30, 2008 at 7:51 am

    So, I went through the exercise of writing out enemy lines pretty thoroughly before I even left the hotel on Saturday, and the things that were going through my head are now a COMPLETE non-issue. Thank you for that wisdom.

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