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The difference between a wanna be and a winner

I Wish I Wanna ___________.

Hope springs eternal.  The dawn of a New Year brings out our best wishes wannas.

I wish wanna lose weight.

I wish wanna get fit, sleek and sexy.

I wish wanna blah-blah-blah social media.

I wish wanna yada-yada-yada more money.

wish wanna____________________.

You know the drill.  We all do it.  New Years Resolutions. Yea!

Come February first, or sooner, the blue flame of I wanna flickers, fizzles and winks out. Ugh. Why does this happen?  How can we prevent it?  How can we successfully move from wanna be to winner?

I’m Willing To _____________.

Every wish I wanna has inconvenient, sweaty, scary and uncomfortable efforts and actions attached to it.  If our new wish wannas were easy, we’d already have or be them.  No matter how little or  lofty they are, or deserving and sincere we are, if we don’t define the price, and commit to specific action paying the price, failure follows.   Here’s a way to move from Wanna Be to Winner. 

A Four Step Action Plan

  1. For each resolution/intention/aspiration, figure out what it’s going to take. What’s the price (time, money, energy, emotion)?
  2. Decide if your willing to do what it takes. Are you willing to pay the price?  Don’t kid yourself.
  3. If YES, write it down – what, how, when. Then begin.
  4. If NO, don’t kid yourself or set yourself up for failure disappointment.  Focus on what you’re willing to do.

That’s it.  All the best in 2012 my friends.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jeff Brown

    December 26, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    You just did a buncha folks a huge favor.

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