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Apartments.com listings now on Trulia, rent search expands greatly

Apartments.com partners with Trulia

Apartments.com listings are now live on the Trulia real estate search site, expanding their rent search substantially, adding 40 percent more community listings for Trulia. The company tells AGBeat that the daily leads for communities has risen nearly 60 percent since their stealthy launch, syndicating apartments.com listings.

Trulia users can sort results to prioritize apartment communities on the site and Trulia says that already, some users are using the site specifically for community listings. The site supports video tours of apartments.com buildings so renters can see the buildings and large photos are available for listings.

According to Trulia, they offer 75 percent more photos per listing on average which is critical an environment where consumers are quickly scanning listings of any sort and often skip listings without photos or with small/few photos.

In 2010, Zillow brought on apartments.com listings, but the two are no longer associated. Zillow tells AGBeat that they enjoy a high rate of listings entered directly by landlords.


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