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Simple, speedy real estate search startup Diggsy goes national – exclusive

Diggsy is different – fast and simple

Real estate search startup Diggsy.com launched last month as a lean, clean site that pares down real estate search to the core basics with minimalist, modern design, aiming to simplify search and offer speed on their site.

Diggsy.com Founder Jesse Friedman told AGBeat, “Our goal is to bring real estate search back to the fundamentals and offer a home buying search without the “fluff”. There are no estimated property values or outdated information. The site exists purely to find users a new home.”

Diggsy goes national

Diggsy.com has added over 1.4 million properties to the site and is now available nationally with a volume of properties competitive with their national real estate search competitors. They have added additional features and begun featuring agents on listing pages and will soon allow user registrations, saved properties and searches, and the full boat to open the site fully

During an extended six month beta test in South Florida with limited data, the company says “traffic and engagement grew to impressive levels along with excellent feedback from test cases.”

Friedman said in a statement, “It is an exciting time for Diggsy. Our platform has tested well and we are confident that the addition of National listings will take us to a whole new level.” He also claims that other data sources will be tapped in the coming months in addition to allowing brokers and home owners to add properties directly.

The simple approach

The streamlined, simple approach is different than most real estate search sites, and Diggsy is counting on users’ fatigue at link overload and ad overload as they seek to speed up the process and take off all of the bells and whistles on a national level. Could they compete with the big three (Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia)? The volume of listings is there, now we will be watching for user adoption and how they ultimately monetize.



  1. Jesse Friedman

    November 16, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Thank you Tara, we are very excited about adding National listings to https://www.diggsy.com – If anyone sees any issues in their own locale, please dont hesitate to email me or post on here directly if you have any questions.

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