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Real estate agents who photo share – tip on a new photo tool

Photo sharing in real estate

Do you post pictures of all of your listings on Facebook? Do you share all of your community visits via photo to Twitter? Do you use Instagram or picplz to engage with your social networking connections?

If you use photo sharing as a means of engaging, we’d like to share with you vvall GRID which aggregates (gathers) all of your photos you’ve shared around various social networks and puts them on a visual grid by week.

Currently, the service offers a grid view of your pictures from Facebook, TwitPic, yFrog, picplz, Instagram, and dailybooth and we anticipate more will come.

Wishes for vvall GRID:

What we love is that this is a great visual reference, almost like a time capsule. What we wish we could do with vvall GRID is select multiple photo sharing accounts to view simultaneously as currently, each network is seen individually.

We’re betting that is because permission settings are different on each network and your Facebook GRID is a different URL created than your Instagram GRID. We tested each network out based on permissions, and public services like picplz where everyone can see results are fully viewable by anyone whereas Facebook pictures are not given a public URL when your sharing settings are all private (as ours are).

We would love to see Flickr and Picasa integrated as well.

For agents who are not interested in setting up yet another account to share photos, this could be a good way to aggregate for consumers or simply refer on your own to past images you’re searching for.


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