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Is there actually an upside to social media narcissism?

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(Social Media) Social media has changed the entire landscape, altered behaviors, and amplified both the good and the bad, but is there an upside to all of the narcissism weighing the internet down?

social media

Social media narcissism: is it all bad?

How many times have you opened up Facebook and rolled your eyes at a friend posting a picture of themselves doing a duck face, or a shot of themselves in the mirror? How often to you scroll through Instagram and wonder about your friends who never post their surroundings, only post pictures of themselves with their Starbucks or their lunch or tiny dog?

Depending on who you are connected with, there is an entire generation of selfie-takers that are obsessed with sharing images of themselves, talking about themselves, and blatantly admiring themselves, but we come upon a chicken and egg scenario.

Is this the fault of social media and the rise of instant gratification through technology, or is it simply a vehicle to amplify peoples’ inner narcissists?

BrainCraft takes a look in the following video, and determines that we should all take a deep breath, because the increased use of social media could be making us better, more self-aware people. Interesting:

So, what do you think?

Is there really an upside to all of this social media narcissism? We would take a different perspective and suggest that the issue at hand is generational differences, not really narcissism.

Consider this – Millennials are one of the most philanthropic generations in history, giving more time and money than any other generation. Millennials are deeply connected to the broader community, and while you may see selfies and roll your eyes, you may not be aware that the 23 year old you’re laughing at just bought a house and spent hours with their agent painstakingly determining which house was more environmentally friendly, and would also be their best investment.

While there are self-involved idiots out there, the majority of the selfie-takers are actually part of a pretty admirable generation that is misunderstood because of the image offered through social media.


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