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Banjo: find out what’s happening before it’s hashtagged


(Social Media) Banjo helps recognize trends before they’re trends, by reading signals. They’ve been around for a bit, but new funding could give them the boos they need to go mainstream.


Banjo is a social media look forward and backward

Banjo launched in August of 2010, raising $5 million in Series A funding. With that money, they were able to expand and add additional talent to their Board. In March of this year, they received $16 million in Series B funding.

This most recent funding came from Balderton Capital and included participation from BlueRun Ventures and Vegas Tech Fund, along with others.

The newly acquired funds means the company can focus on growth both through recruitment and the expansion of its platform.

Banjo’s early days – my how far they’ve come

Banjo began as social media aggregator; allowing you to see the social media updates of people around you. When it first launches, it introduced “Rewind.” A creative way to look back at specific events, any time you want. Now, it is a multi-faceted product that allows both consumers and media companies to share real-time events and news as they happen across social media channels.

Banjo says they offer the world’s largest collection of social signals organized by time, location, and content. They index and curate breaking news and events faster than any organization on the planet, so that you have an all-access pass to anything, anywhere.

Banjo powers a surprising amount of live social content seen on major television networks like NBC, FOX and the BBC, and founder and CEO Damien Patton explains it can actually predict events and breaking news before they hit Google or anywhere else – through its social signals collected publically, in real-time, through Twitter and other networks.

How you can use this information

Banjo’s technology picks up on the signal of the social media platforms “ramping up” whenever anything important happens. Entrepreneurs can use this advanced information to expand their reach and influence, by having the information before any of their competitors. Since it is also a curated collection of events from around the world, it is also a great way to look back at past trends and relive the tense moments, as well as a glimpse at your own brand’s trends.

The new version of Banjo is free to download for both iOS and Android.

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