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What are the best times of day for social media posts?

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(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) With so many different social media platforms, it’s hard to know what the best time and day to reach your followers is. A new study suggests it may vary greatly by industry and platform.

Bang for your buck

With so many different social media platforms, it’s difficult to know when to post in order to reach the maximum numbers of followers. Previously, we have discussed the importance of timing your posts on social media, as different days and times can yield diverse results.

According to eMarketer and TrackMaven, there are days and times that work better for posting to social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.

Getting timing down

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, followers are likely to be cruising social media for gift ideas, party inspiration, and accepting invitations from friends and family. If they are already on social media, you want to be sure to capture their attention. For this, timing is everything,

TrackMaven has been tracking the timing of social media posts Between January and July of this year. They tracked around 17.5 million social media posts from 17,737 brands worldwide across a variety of industries in order to determine when the best time and day to post to social media occurs.

They found that the best-performing posts for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were made in the evenings, and towards the end of the work week.Click To Tweet

LinkedIn posts, however, were most relevant midweek in the morning (9am EST, to be exact). This makes sense, given that LinkedIn is aimed largely at the business crowd, and users are likely to check in early in the day so they have time to respond to message

Pinterest posts were oddly found to be most relevant on Fridays, around 1am EST.

I guess all that late night, insomniac Pinning I do is actually trendy.

What about different industries?

This study also examined how particular industries fared at certain times of the day. For example, retail brands had success when posting at 11am on Friday on Twitter and 1am Monday on Facebook.

For consumer goods, 11am Wednesday was optimal for Twitter, and 11am Sunday for Facebook.

Obviously, this proves there are some exceptions to the aforementioned times/days to post. However, they serve as a guideline for optimal times you may want to try posting and see if you find you’re able to engage with more followers, receive more likes and shares, or simply get a faster, more engaging response from your followers.


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