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Earth Day Primer


April 22 is Earth Day.  I’m one of those believers in the phrase “Everyday is Earth Day”, but for those of you who may not have embraced such a mentality, I encourage you to at least notice tomorrow.

Is this thing on?

Sometimes I feel being active in the (I hate that term) is like preaching to the choir.  Most of the really active people are blogging on multiple sites, are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and are utilizing a variety of electronic advertising.  I feel like I’m talking to myself.  Last Friday, on an RE Bar Camp call, someone else shared my mentality.

How many of you will mention Earth Day tomorrow?  Since I’m assuming many of you reading this are already reasonably environmentally friendly due to your online marketing efforts, I encourage you to bring someone else into the fold.  Get someone who isn’t a blogger, doesn’t know what RSS or Twitter is and especially get the people who are environmentally wasteful in their marketing practices to join the

Show them ActiveRain, which I personally find to be an excellent tool for agents attempting to jump into the rapid currents of online real estate marketing.

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Share with them your favorite sites and online tools.  It’s easier to talk about concepts you are passionate about, so pick the ones you like and talk one person into using them.

How a simple list can grow the conversation

Here’s my thought: Tomorrow is Earth Day, you share this article with someone on the pretense that you are promoting Earth Day, BAM! they’re in the conversation just by visiting Agent Genius.

Here are some great Earth Day resources that I want to share and hopefully you’ll share with others:

How Twitter is saving the world one lawn mower at a time

Now my one technology anecdote that plays perfectly into Earth Day.  I have become a Twitter fanatic, almost to an addictive level.  I turned it off all weekend (for the most part) and felt like I must have missed out on some great conversations.

Last week, I decided I wanted a push lawn mower for my yard.  I don’t have much grass, so a push mower wouldn’t take much time. Plus I could save my rotator cuff from the terrible pull cord on my gas mower. I thought about electric mowers, but coal still supplies half the energy in the US (I’m on 100% renewable, but if I can save that for something else, all the better).   Gas mowers create as much pollution as somewhere between 95 miles and 3400 miles of driving.  I did some research online, but was still feeling lost.  I sent a message out to the void of Twitter asking if anyone knew some place local to buy a push mower. Within minutes, a new contact sent me a message saying I could have hers, I just had to pick it up.

Skip to the end, I recycled something someone else was going to scrap. I saved fuel by swinging by on my way home instead of having a huge truck deliver it. I’m saving energy every time I mow my lawn.  And it cost me nothing but a few minutes to ask on Twitter and a few minutes to pick it up.  And all because I used technology.

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So go out, share some of your favorite real estate marketing online resources.  Expand the conversation while helping contribute to Earth Day.

Written By

Nick runs a new media marketing consulting company helping real estate professionals learn how to implement new media tools into their marketing arsenal. He frequently gives presentations on generational marketing, green marketing and advanced online promotion. Nick is active on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Jim Duncan

    April 21, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    Two things I have become aware and fond of –

    1) FreeCycle for trading stuff locally for free
    2) My human-powered push mower (as long as my neighbor keeps his gas-powered for the occasional full-on cutting)

    Baby steps have a big impact over time.

  2. Nick Bostic

    April 21, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    You’re dead on about the baby steps. At some point, you’ve taken all the baby steps and you’re stuck with upgrading your appliances. It’s definitely a good feeling, but an expensive habit at that point.

  3. Andy Kaufman

    April 22, 2008 at 12:39 am

    I’m the only (un)realtor I know that doesn’t own a car. I was sick of waiting in traffic and bending over for maintenance, gas, parking tickets & to cross the bridge, so I started leaving my car at work and started riding the BART a year ago. It was working out so well that I decided to ‘go all in’ and get rid of my car all together. If I need to show homes or run an errand, I grab a Zipcar. I know that this isn’t even an option for most of you, but it works for me and it’s something that I can feel good about.

  4. Nick Bostic

    April 22, 2008 at 10:13 am

    Andy, I can say I’m jealous. We have Zipcar in Portland, but unfortunately in my day job I’m driving all across town and back. Luckily, I have a fuel efficient, low emissions vehicle, but I am looking forward to next years version of the hybrids which are supposed to do even better.

    Congrats on being able to operate car-less!

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