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Four great apps that help boost your Twitter presence

(Social Media) Twitter remains a vital part of many marketers’ toolbox, but sometimes external tools are necessary to get the most out of the social media platform.



Twitter apps that get you connected

Social media is an integral part of our lives, for better or worse. But, there is no reason to spend countless hours scanning endless tweets, in an attempt to catch up on the latest updates. There are several apps that you can use to not only help sort your information, but also, boost your impact with your own Twitter audience.


Here is a look at four Twitter apps, which will help you understand how and when you can best address your audience:

1. Wayin

captures conversations from Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, then allows you to filter what you need, from what you do not want to see. You can filter via hashtags, handles, and key words, allowing you to customize your experience. The ability to create multiple “rules,” allows you to fully customize your filtering experience. Also, by using widgets you can choose how you display filtered content back to your own audience. Wayin help you interact with your followers in real-time, without the need to read every post.

2. Retweetlab

analyzes your tweet and lets you know when the best time to tweet is so you can maximize your impact. Retweetlab tell you the time and day that is best to tweet, as well as, which key words, and messages are giving you the best results. It will also tell you how links, sentiment, words, hashtags, and quotations affect tweets, giving you a quick overview of what is working best for your Twitter account.

3. Fruji

is another tool for analyzing your Twitter activity. Fruji analyzes your followers and compiles data into a simple report. You can see who is following you, which followers are most popular, or most frequently retweet you, and how many people you could reach globally (if everyone retweeted you), using your followers and their connections. Fruji can also tell you if you have been “unfollowed” and if you have, it will tell you when it happened and who unfollowed you. Also, you can find out if you have any spam followers, allowing you to easily remove these followers if desired.

4. Tweriod

Tweriod is a bit like Retweetlab, in that it tells you the best time to tweet in order to reach the maximum amount of people, but they do the leg-work for you. Visit Tweriod, sign in with your Twitter account and they analyze your data. Tweriod needs Read Access to get a list of your followers and their tweets, as well as, DM Access, in order to DM you when your account analysis is completed. Once you have signed in with Tweriod and given them permission to access your Twitter account, they will analyze all the available data and DM you when they are finished. The amount of time it takes for a report to generate varies based on the number of followers you have; the more followers you have, the longer Tweriod needs to analyze all other their data. And you can analyze up to 1,000 followers, free.

Jennifer Walpole is a Senior Staff Writer at The American Genius and holds a Master's degree in English from the University of Oklahoma. She is a science fiction fanatic and enjoys writing way more than she should. She dreams of being a screenwriter and seeing her work on the big screen in Hollywood one day.

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