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Generate a seriously sardonic bio for your Twitter page

twitter bio

(Social Media) Do you ever wonder where the Twitter “thought leaders” come up with the garbage in their bio? Here’s a generator to help you create your own.

twitter bio

Creating a trendy, ridiculous Twitter bio

The Twitter bio is rapidly becoming an art form. Comedians and actors have used it to amuse and delight their followers. Students and teachers have used it to post social activism for the world to see. But mostly, there are an insane amount of incoherent, unprofessional bios online, so what can you do to stand out? If you are not feeling particularly creative, this new site has you covered.

Selecting a perfect Twitter bio can help gain followers and establish your brand, but this site will not do that. It can give you a pretty good laugh, however. Sure it is sardonic, but that makes it fun. And it exaggerates the trend that the best Twitter bio needs to be a random string of nouns and fabricated professional titles.

Totally ridiculous, and filled with cuss words

While you could spend all day refreshing the page and receiving a plethora of bios; you could create your own “recipe.” It seems to go like this: an over embellished professional title + intriguing descriptive phrase + random life fact = Twitter bio success.

For example, I received, “gen y student, digital strat intern, foursquare sherpa, occupy all of the things.”

Now when I refresh, I receive: “okcupid wonk, candy crush warlock, PR nerd, DM me your info.”

If I were to create my own, it would go like this: “CEO of writing all the glittery things, Captain Kirk stalker, keeper of the rainbow sprinkles, girly.” You can do it too, or just refresh the generator.

The site was created by Digiday’s Jack Marshall, Saya Weissman, and Brian Braike, as a way to created different, unexpected bios for Twitter. Give this little generator a try and let us see what it comes up with for you. And if you are feeling bold, use one on your Twitter bio and let your followers wonder what you are up to.

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