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Instagram proves to be more of a community than an app

Instagram is a popular photo sharing site, but time has proven that it is much more than that, and is a blossoming web community.



Rise of the visual web

In late 2011 and all of 2012, we have been talking a lot about the visual web, or visual social media, asserting that it is what we will all remember as the big shift in 2012, as consumers favor the simplicity of taking and consuming photos in lieu of words. Umages are easier to consume and create, and all demographics from wealthy British men, to American teens are grabbing on to the trend, hence the explosive growth of Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook already owns Instagram, spending the equivalent of their first quarter revenues of $1B on acquiring the company, technology, and talent, a brilliant move given the rise of the visual web.

Recent studies show that tablet users are far more likely to make a purchase from their device than smartphone users, and as purchases of camcorders and digital cameras drop, consumers are not ditching photography and video, rather are doing so from their devices. Putting the use pattern and buying pattern together further support why the visual web is where the money is trending, which is why brands are paying attention to what seems like a fun hobby but is really becoming alternative web communities.

Enter Instagram as a community

We posited this summer that pre-teens and teens are leaving Facebook in droves to socialize on Instagram (which makes Facebook’s acquisition even that much more brilliant), and taking photos and sharing is even taking the place of texting for more and more kids.

While kids already understand and use Instagram as a community, the service is doing more to make it clear to all users that the intention of their app is not just to click a photo and store it with a neat filter, but to take photos, share, and (most importantly) interact with other users and their photos.

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The new version of Instagram recently released has “Photo Maps” which will enable users to browse their own and other users’ Instagram photos on a map, solving the problem of struggling to find other users in your geographic area outside of searching for tags, which made growing a relevant personal network difficult.

[pl_video type=”vimeo” id=”47138800″]

Other updates include infinite scroll so that users never have to click “load more,” rather it just loads automatically as users scroll. The interface has had some minor adjustments, like new user profiles, larger thumbnails, and uploading is much faster.

Instagram has been growing as a community, but it is now making it abundantly clear to all users that the app is more than an app, it’s a community, and as the visual web becomes more and more prominent, Instagram is poised to be a front runner in the race.

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Marti Trewe reports on business and technology news, chasing his passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to stay well informed in the fast paced 140-character world. Marti rarely sleeps and thrives on reader news tips, especially about startups and big moves in leadership.



  1. Penelopeh53ky

    August 17, 2012 at 8:37 pm


  2. LesleyLambert

    August 18, 2012 at 11:36 am

    I love Instagram because of the quick visual nature. It lets me see in an instant what my friends are doing and where they are. I can understand why people would use it in place of texting or Facebook. Glad to see you didn’t try to twist a “real estate” angle into this post.

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