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Live broadcast with Livestream’s new Google Glass app

google glass livestream

(Social Media) Google Glass users will now be able to live broadcast with Livestream, so businesses better know what people can do with Glass in their stores, and how owners can use it themselves to broadcast.

google glass livestream

“OK, Google, live broadcast my life”

Live broadcasting tool, Livestream announced today that they’re rolling out a Google Glass app that allows a Google Glass wearer to launch the Livestream app with just their voice and the click of a button, streaming live from their glasses.

Google Glass already has a live streaming function through Google Hangouts, but with the Livestream launch, a more universal use is likely to follow, with television broadcasters likely to begin experimenting with a new way to report live news, particularly live action (sports, wars, and so forth).

Livestream noted that the app will work within their existing broadcast architecture in short order, but already allows users to stream video directly to their Livestream channel. Livestream launched in 2008 and has enjoyed popularity since their inception, becoming the standard for live web broadcasting.

More than just tv will change

This stands to change not only television broadcasting, but law enforcement, medical education, and so forth, offering an unfiltered, hands-free, point-of-view look into events. Many will point to the entertainment industry, noting that this will be used to livestream concerts, but its’ more than that.

Livestream’s announcement will also likely accelerate the pace at which Google Glass is banned in venues. Most casinos already don’t allow the device in their buildings, and movie theaters are following suit – watch for other places to start clarifying if your glasses are computerized or not.

Technology will continue to innovate while policy makers play catch up, but for now, Livestream’s vote of confidence in Google Glass is huge for both companies, and stands to further legitimize the platform. When Google Glass becomes widely available commercially, and then becomes affordable, the technology could very well be adopted as commonly as tablets, but not likely as commonly as smartphones for another decade.

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