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Needed: Facebook Geniuses



facebook real estateThe reason that a Genius has such a limited knowledge of affairs outside of his special talent, is because the controlling influence of so much thought on the one subject allows him little or no time in which to develop those, to him, less important thoughts, and consequently his mind gets our of harmony with them, and they either come to him no more, or come only as a discord. All intelligence and knowledge awaits to be used.A. Victor Segno “The Law of Mentalism” 1902

Well, I’m no genius, but I disagree with Victor on the first part while in agreement with him on the last. Of course, you see the first assertion proven daily by those addicted to blogging with so little time left for other affairs (guilty). So, I thought I would reach out to the Facebook geniuses out there.

facebook.gifI spent a couple of hours on Facebook the other other day, and boy do I need help. I’d like a couple of things from you Facebook geniuses:

  • Links to pages where you think a real estate agent is effectively using Facebook.
  • Suggestions on how you are using Facebook and what features you think are best.
  • Any results you have seen, that will spur me on

My interest in Facebook is totally self-serving. I heard a story about a Canadian agent whose last $20 million in sales all came from connections made through Facebook. If I locate her Facebook page, I’ll post it here.

So, let’s hear it for: all intelligence and knowledge awaits to be used. And, I am waiting.

Writer for national real estate opinion column, focusing on the improvement of the real estate industry by educating peers about technology, real estate legislation, ethics, practices and brokerage with the end result being that consumers have a better experience.

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  1. Benn Rosales

    October 26, 2007 at 12:02 am

    A successful real estate facebooker has a lot of friends that are not Realtors. They simply have lots of friends in their local circle that are referred by default. Pretty simple. jmo I found just such a 20 something re couple the other night, I’ll see if I can reproduce the results and give you a link.

  2. Lani Anglin

    October 26, 2007 at 4:24 am

    I agree with Benn- it’s the same as any social network- be social and the result is natural referrals. Too many people are guilty of abusing Facebook by placing unnatrual comments on “walls” or sending sales-y messages to “friends.”

    My theory is that if you make friends online (or off for that matter) and they happen to know what you do for a living instead of basing your entire “conversations” on what you do for a living, referrals are the natural result of these friendships.

    If the connections aren’t natural, I believe it will be nothing more than a waste of time. My point: the subject matter will guide your success… talk about your city with people from your city, join groups of people with similar interests and talk about those interests. If you talk about nothing but YOU and YOUR business, the Facebook connection may be lost.

  3. Jay Thompson

    October 26, 2007 at 5:02 am

    Benn and Lani are so smart. Seriously.

    Most of my Facebook friends are agents or at least connected to the industry. But I do have a current client whose preferred method of communication is through Facebook. Not email, phone or text message. Facebook.

    They actually told me, “It’s cool that someone your age is on Facebook.” I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or smack them.

  4. Benn Rosales

    October 26, 2007 at 5:05 am

    haha smack them anyway- but seriously, smack them.

  5. Brian Wilson

    October 26, 2007 at 9:19 pm

    Smacking aside, we can learn from Jay’s story. It seems nearly all college kids and 20-somethings are either on facebook or MySpace or both or more. This is a great way to tap into the Generation Y networks, and we will definitely need to sooner or later to stay afloat in real estate 🙂

    Brian Wilson,

  6. Linda Davis

    October 27, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    I’m still trying to figure out whether it is good if someone pokes you.

    • Jim Lee

      October 27, 2009 at 12:05 am

      Poke back Linda; it’s good, they’re noticing you and letting you know.

  7. Benn Rosales

    October 28, 2007 at 12:11 am

    Only when no one else is looking linda ;]

  8. Steve Volkers

    October 30, 2007 at 2:03 am

    I have been on facebook marketing myself for 4 months and have not had closed deals from it but have made a lot of friends and connections. I also have seen a big jump in my website hits coming from my facebook profile. So it’s a good addition to my over all internet marketing.

  9. Bonnie Erickson

    October 31, 2007 at 2:20 am

    It’s all about the sheep, the flying sheep! Honestly, I’m no genius and haven’t gotten too involved with the social part of Facebook yet. I find it’s easy to spread my time too thin and not get anything done. The more time I spend there the less time I have to read other’s blogs, to write my own blog posts, to update web pages, etc. I have found, however, that the 20 something crowd is surprised when they find I’m on MySpace and Facebook. Now if I could just get all my kids friends to be my friends, I could sit back and live off the cream of the social network!

  10. Jim Lee

    October 27, 2009 at 12:04 am

    I have a couple of current sellers who love to communicate with me on Facebook; works for me if that’s what they want.

    I’ve also got a couple of listings; not the two mentioned above, as a direct result of sellers finding me on Facebook and deciding I was their guy. Works for me too; I believe in always riding your horse in the direction he’s going.

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This non-judgmental app can help you switch to a plant-based diet

(SOCIAL MEDIA) There are many reasons people choose plant-based diets. If you’re looking to try it out, this app helps you stay on track.



No Meat Today, a judgement-free plant-based diet tracking app.

The interest in plant-based proteins continues to grow. Healthline suggests that Americans are shifting toward plant-based meat substitutes because of shortages in the grocery store due to the pandemic, but there are many reasons to make the switch.

Plant-based proteins are considered more sustainable than traditional meat. Nutritionally, plant-based meat alternatives are often healthier. Regardless of the reason, if you’re one of the many Americans who are changing your diet, there’s a new app that can help you stay on track without making you feel judged if or when you do eat meat.

Your companion to eating less meat

No Meat Today is an app available in the App Store. You can get on a waitlist in Google Play. It’s a fun app that asks you, “Did you eat meat today?” You can even define what meat means to you, red meat, fish and seafood, poultry, eggs and/or dairy. As you eat less meat, your “planet” attracts cows. The design is simple, “don’t eat meat, get a cow.” If you eat too much meat, your cows go away. There’s no judgement if you lose a cow.

The creator, Arnaud Joubay says, “I’m not here to tell anyone what they should do, only to offer a friendly app to those who want to do the same.” It’s recommended to look back at your history to decide whether you want to eat meat or not.


The app was just released earlier this year. Most of its features are free, but you can pay $4.99 for all the features for one year. There have been some very cute cows released for special days. In the App Store, reviews are positive, but the caveat is that the creator asks you to contact him first if you if your review isn’t 5-stars. It’s a cute app that can motivate you to eat less meat.

Here’s the link to the product page.

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Twitter insights to engage more customers this holiday season

(SOCIAL MEDIA) Twitter wants to help you prep your marketing for the first COVID holiday season by sharing findings on what customers care about.



Man on laptop open to Twitter, considering his holiday shopping with Christmas tree behind him.

The year 2020 has been a year like no other. None of us expected to be confined to the inside of our homes, but here we are. And now, more than ever, the holiday season is something most of us are looking forward to, even if we have to spend it apart. And social media like Twitter will be a key part of that.

So, to get a sense of what consumers expect this holiday season, Twitter UK has shared some insights to help brands better strategize on their holiday campaigns. Twitter’s official partner, Brandwatch, analyzed tweets from March to September to find out “people’s opinions and biggest concerns.” Here are Twitter’s findings.

Compared to previous years, people have already started asking for and have begun giving gift ideas and recommendations to each other. According to the data, mentions of Christmas started to increase in March. Between March 1 and September 30, there was a 10% increase in mentions compared to last year. So, brands should definitely start kicking off their marketing campaigns sooner than later.

The pandemic has undoubtedly influenced how we spend our money and has altered how we are able to have family time. According to the Brandwatch Twitter data, 59k people are discussing how family gatherings will be impacted by it. So, brands should be mindful of this, and incorporate messaging that reaches out to everyone. Messaging that makes family and friends feel connected, even if they are spending the holidays alone.

Another thing to consider is combining your efforts with local businesses. Making purchases from small and independent businesses is something that has been heavily highlighted since the beginning of the pandemic. With Christmas drawing near, this couldn’t be more important in people’s minds. Twitter has seen a substantial jump in people saying they will be holiday shopping locally. By partnering with a local business, both small and large companies can benefit from sales.

Also, health and safety were and still are at the top of everyone’s minds. A lot of people on Twitter are saying they will do all their shopping early. This will help them avoid the large crowds of last-minute shoppers.

As a result, companies should start preparing themselves to receive early shoppers. Part of preparing is making sure all health and safety measures are in place. Brands should follow all CDC guidelines and make sure they continue to be transparent with customers. Sending out a simple safety message through social media or email will go a long way.

These insights from Twitter are specific to the UK, but should still be considered. No one knew we’d still be where we are now. However, the holiday season is still something people are excited about. And, brands can take these insights to help maximize sales.

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10 Snapchat Ad tips to increase engagement for holiday shopping season

(SOCIAL MEDIA) As holiday shopping draws near, Snapchat offers helpful tips to help business owners make use of their advertising and branding tools.



Woman holding phone open to Snapchat chat window, casually dressed with journal and coffee nearby.

The holidays are basically here, and Snapchat wants to make sure you get the most out of your Snap promotions. The company recently released its “Snapchat Ads Best Practices: 10 Tips to Help Increase Ad Engagement” post. With these pointers and advertising best practices, Snap hopes to help companies “build visually appealing ads that drive quality engagement and high return on investment for your business.”

So, let’s get into the tips!

1. Choose the right ad format for your goals
With a lot of advertising options, Snap says you need to select the right ad type that will better align with and help you meet your business goals.

2. Showcase your product front and center in your ad creative
Displaying a fullscreen video or image of your product will encourage a viewer to want to engage more. As a result, it is good to include a ‘hero’ message at the beginning that has all relevant information, such as offers and specials.

For eCommerce purposes, products should be featured “front and center to drive purchase intent.” For apps and games, include the app’s UI, features, and benefits in the ad. Meanwhile, local businesses should highlight the services or products their business specializes in.

And, always remember to make sure your creative meets Snapchat’s ad specs so your ad can be displayed flawlessly.

3. Make your ads feel native to Snapchat
No one likes intrusive ads that scream at your face telling you to buy a certain product or service. To prevent this from happening, Snap says your ads should “mirror the bite-sized and linear storytelling of Snaps” already on the platform. These non-intrusive ads should be kept short at around 5-6 seconds. And, Snap says these more “conversational ads” get viewed more fully than polished ads do.

4. Drive urgency with relevant messaging
Don’t overcomplicate the message. This will just get people to swipe away. Instead, make sure relevant information is at the beginning and is easy to understand. Placing your messaging within the first 2 seconds is preferable.

5. Design for sound on
Despite what you might think, silence isn’t better. Snap says that about 64% of Snapchat ads have the sound turned on. And, an effective way of including sound in your creative is by using a customer testimonial. Spoken testimonials help viewers understand and better relate to the brand or product.

6. Link your ads properly
Make sure users are being directed to where you want them to go. You don’t want them clicking on a broken link. Or worse, someone else’s content. The right link is crucial for impressions and conversions. Here are Snap’s recommended “attachment types depending on advertiser goal.”

  • Drive online sales by using Web View Attachments. These pages instantly load for the user and are available in Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Lenses.
  • Drive app installs by using App Install Attachments. Snapchatters will be able to swipe and download your app. Using ‘Install Now’ or ‘Download’ as a CTA, Snap says you will have strong conversion rates.
  • Drive app engagement/app visits by using Deep Links. These links will bring existing users back to your app. At the same time, any new users will be directed to the app store to install the app. Deep Links can be added to Single Image or Video ads, Story Ads, and Lenses.

7. Test ad creative and try new ad formats
Testing something is a pretty good idea when it comes to anything. Snap emphasizes this, and says testing can give you “insight into what content resonates most with your target audience.” They recommended testing your ad creative for about 2-4 weeks using different formats. After you’ve gathered enough information, you can determine the winning format that is best for you.

8. Use goal-based bidding to bid towards your desired action

  • Goal-based bidding “allows you to optimize towards a specific action that a Snapchatter is most likely to take, such as installing your app, watching a video, or completing a purchase.”
  • Snap has several bidding strategies, and it recommends using Target Cost Bidding.

9. Broaden your targeting
After you’ve been running your ads for at least a couple of weeks, Snap says to consider broadening your target audience. Snapchat has several different targeting options. Some of the categories you can expand on are geo, gender, age ranges, and languages. Expanding your audience will allow you to get more impressions.

10. Understand your audience reach to optimize
Finally, make use of Snap’s Audience Insights. These insights provide Snapchat with data like demographics, interests, locations, and devices overview. By knowing this information, you can better understand your audience and create content that is tailored to them. Content that will ultimately maximize your advertising efforts.

Overall, Snapchat understands that “mobile advertising is a key component to any digital marketing strategy.” By offering us these tips, they are reminding us of some things we already know, and telling us how they can help us achieve our advertising goals.

With the holidays around the corner, Snapchat says they can help you reach a large and engaged audience for just $5 a day with their offerings. So, what do you think of Snapchat’s tips?

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