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Pinterest adds guided search, custom categories: huge win for brands

guided pinterest

(Social Media) As Pinterest becomes more sophisticated, brands that have ignored the visual bookmarking site should take a second look as the opportunity to convert improves.

guided pinterest

Pinterest adds Guided Search

If you have logged in to Pinterest from your mobile device this week, you have likely noticed the newest features: guided searches and new custom categories. According to the Pinterest blog, the new guided search feature allows you to fine tune what you are looking for. Think of it as bit like a Google search, but better.

Guided Search helps you find exactly what you want, but it can also help you find new things you did not know you wanted. For example, if you type “hairstyles” in the search box, a pop-up box appears, and asks you to “explore your options.”

It then presents you with a slideshow of guided categories to choose from; for hairstyles you see: ideas for brunettes, ideas for blondes, ideas for fall, highlights, short hair, curly hair, and the like. Clicking on any one of these boxes will bring up pins that are related to what you want to see. Then you can repeat the process again to fine-tune your results. It is another way Pinterest is trying to personalize the pins they push to you.

Custom Categories also a huge hit

Custom Categories creates a curated feed of very specific topics, such as a musician or actor. It also allows you to “Choose Your Own Adventure,” finding categories that match your taste no matter how enigmatic. You can now browse pins about the chosen category, or swipe through additional suggestions featured at the top, much like the Guided Search.

For businesses, Pinterest is becoming the go-to search engine because of the ability to continuously refine what you seek. These new features also make Pinterest more accessible for users who do not know what they want to search for, as well as, veteran users who want to find additional resources that match their interests.

What does this mean for business?

Perhaps nothing more than doing your due diligence to insure your products are pinned to the proper categories, so that when they are repinned the Guided Search will give you the maximum amount of exposure, but as Pinterest improves, it means more potential for converting browsers into your buyers or clients. Pinterest is getting pretty sophisticated, so if you haven’t stopped by for a while, you should. It is worth another look.

The new features are available for both iOS and Android. If you already have the Pinterest app, you will need to download the update.


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