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Quick tip for getting Facebook attention

Getting Facebook love takes giving Facebook love, but this quick step is one that is so easily overlooked.



reciprocation on facebook

reciprocation on facebook

The overlooked step of reciprocation

Reciprocity is still overlooked as a part of a digital marketing strategy, no matter how many classes or consultants a brand brings on. The two habits of using social media as either a megaphone without regard to what others are saying, or as a watercooler for gossip, remain the most common behaviors online. Very few professionals use the social networking tools to the best of their ability, rather plug in something automated or talk about their lunch, then walk away, expecting leads.

Doing business through social media is extremely lucrative if done well, but we’ll beat the dead horse that has been buried for years, and remind everyone that social media is a conversational tool, not a megaphone, and you must give back. In order to get Facebook love (mentions from other people, interaction from others, brand loyalty in public, etc.), you must give Facebook love that is sincere, legitimate, and done because you care about your community, not because you expect a 12.5% ROI on the efforts made.

Giving back is not just going to other peoples’ Facebook pages and saying “happy birthday,” or “nice post,” or “cool picture,” then moving on as if your good deed of the day is done. No, giving back takes legitimate effort, but it can be extremely simple.

Without developing your strategy for you, shall we visit a tiny, easy to miss feature that Facebook added a long time ago, but is often overlooked by the masses?

Enter the secret Facebook weapon

Imagine for a moment that you are a restaurant owner. You are used to people checking into your venue on Foursquare and Facebook Places, and you monitor those checkins. But imagine that you see something pop up through Facebook Places check-in that is not live, rather a recommendation, a photo that has been tagged of a visit to Austin last summer that someone is telling their friends about.

Facebook Places is the equivalent to Foursquare, but is an easy way for you as a professional to spread some love on Facebook to local businesses, which by the way, alerts them that they have been tagged in a status update. Think of the last five things you spent money on, take a picture related to that, then tag the local business in the photo update. Did you get your tires changed last month and got a hell of a deal? Take your phone, snap a shot, upload and tag. Did you buy a new brand of milk at the store that is pretty tasty? Shoot, upload, tag the store. Did your plumber do an amazing job for you? Photograph the sink or share a before picture of the leaking pipe destroying your bathroom, tag, and share.

So how exactly does one do this?

Don’t worry, we’re not going to just use obscure terms and not help you. Here is a quick photo tutorial of a neat line of sausages I recently bought at a local store, and instead of “checking in” to a location, I tagged the item on a map which not only shows up on their page, but on my map page.

Step one: after taking a picture of an item or place, in this case sausage, upload like you would any other picture, but notice the tiny map marker on the bottom of the status update box. Typically this is used via mobile to check in to a location, but you’re going to use it to spread Facebook love:

facebook update

Step two: start typing in the name of the location, venue, retailer, etc. and select the one that matches the address you are alluding to. If it does not exist, you may be a hero by adding it from scratch – this takes extra homework, but it can be done.

facebook update map

Result: this is what your update looks like. Note that “at H-E-B” is blue. It is a link to their page. Bingo! Are you feeling the love yet?

facebook places

Your profile: all of these photos tagged with locations will show up in your Facebook Timeline under the maps, which can be found on your (or anyone’s) profile page like so:

facebook places on page

Maps: below, you will see what it looks like when the map on a profile page is clicked. When you enter your own, it will prompt you to begin filling in your map by asking you to tag existing photos of you, or telling Facebook where all you have lived. This is a personal preference – note that my own profile does not have many dots outside of Austin. I am very private and don’t care to tell Facebook that I have lived in Spain, Mexico, Dallas, and all over Austin, because it already knows enough about me, but you should feel free to use your own discretion… adding sausage shots is not going to hurt anything (don’t you dare misinterpret that last line, you bad kids).

facebook map

Want to see your map or someone else’s map? Simply type in “/map” after any profile you are connected with to see someone else’s maps. Try it with a few of your friends and you will see how few people are tagging locations in their photos or updates.

facebook map url

The takeaway and special notes

You do not have to take a picture for this to work, you can simply update a status, but in the era of visual social media, pictures reign and require very little extra effort. If you are a true ambassador in your community and are consistent about recognizing others and giving Facebook love, you will be seen by your network as the authority on the area, but you will eventually get back some of the love you give – it’s human nature, so get out there and spread the love by tagging the locations of local businesses and professionals in updates!

Lani is the Chief Operating Officer at The American Genius - she has co-authored a book, co-founded BASHH and Austin Digital Jobs, and is a seasoned business writer and editorialist with a penchant for the irreverent.

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  1. MikeTolj

    July 12, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    @leadingagent You’re welcome! How has Facebook marketing marketing worked out for you?

    • leadingagent

      July 12, 2012 at 4:05 pm

      @miketolj Working on FB. Blogging & Twitter are our staples. I see TONS of potential in what we are going to do w/ FB though.

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Social Media

There’s a subreddit that is literally moving the stock market

(SOCIAL MEDIA) “You can’t change the world on Reddit all day.” Hm. Wanna bet? Some people do bet on whether a stock will rise or fall on Reddit.



Stock market

I don’t gamble. RIP to Mister Kenny Rogers, but this whole folding, holding, walking, running business is bad for my heart.

So playing the stock market is out for me, but apparently, you don’t even need an accountant to place your bets? The good, if foul mouthed, people of r/WSB aren’t just proving that, their playing and paying outside the traditional trading room is actually moving markets!

The subreddit, full name r/wallstreetbets, is 900,000 users strong, and boasts members that have been involved for years. They show off their stock market wins, losses, jokes, and opinions with varying levels of insight on all contributions.

Ordinarily, this’d just be an interesting collection of folks talking stock, but some of their threads have been shown to have an effect on share prices!

Users don’t just share what and how they’ve traded, they also gamble on what stock prices will do, without actually purchasing or selling any. Options contracts allow users to cast lots for less cash, while retaining the power to show actual purchases as hotter or colder and literally moving the temperature dial on them by word of mouth (and possibly pure conjecture) alone.

So I could hop in, put a marginal amount of money down, and say ‘Stock in Pressure Valve Company X is going to go up since more people are buying bidets in the wake of the Corona-based toilet paper hoarders, and they’re a key component’, then pepper in some off-color jokes about personal hygiene and everyone’s moms to blend in, and potentially wait to collect!


After all, not only are surges of humans looking at these bets, web algorithms and cookie crawlers are staring too. It’s chatrooms of the dotcom boom all over again, except more chaotic, more gif-laden, and more monitored by outside forces.

It’d be sinister if the vibe of the sub wasn’t ‘Take literally nothing seriously’. Try discussing ‘chicken tendies’ in a boardroom sometime and see what I mean…although the tide on that might be shifting as well.

The one forbidden thing here is actually using the forum for insider trading. Directly profiting from the rumors gets users exiled, and gets users interacting with them booted too.

Serious business actually DOES occur, who would have thought? I wouldn’t have. Which is why I don’t gamble.

It’s easy to write Reddit off as just an online echo chamber slash cesspool, but when it comes down to it, the American Psychos of the world are on the same internet as the basement-dwellers, and the gap in financial literacy between the two ends of the spectrum is pulling a reverse Pangea.

We need to start recognizing that.

I’m still staying away from 4Chan though.

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Social Media

Facebook messenger gets a major facelift for speed

(SOCIAL MEDIA) Facebook messenger has been around a loooooong time and has started to suffer from build bloat. So the new project lightspeed has redesigned it.



facebook messenger

If you’ve ever spent time in an old-school, family-built home, then you have an idea of what the inner workings of the Facebook Messenger app look like. It began with just a few rooms, but as the needs of the family grew, they kept adding on rooms wherever they fit until the layout no longer made sense and the home became a bloated maze.

Facebook Messenger has been suffering growing pains ever since it branched off into its own app in 2011. As the app became more popular developers worked to make it more engaging by adding new features like stickers, GIFS, and video calls.

At some point, they realized that the app had gotten away from them. The Facebook Messenger currently on your device has move 1.7 million lines of code. An app that big is slow and takes up a ton of valuable space on users devices, so the team knew it was time for a change. The project became internally as Project LightSpeed.

Facebook Messenger is a valuable app for connecting with friends, family, and business connections across the globe. You don’t even need to be Facebook friends with someone to message them making it an invaluable tool for long-distance teams or new business connections. In recent years, the app has begun to slow down making it vulnerable to competitors like WhatsApp.

The development team’s goal for the new app was to make it small, fast, and simple. In order to achieve this Facebook’s team of engineers has reduced the core code by 84%, taking the original 1.7 million lines of code down to 360,000. The new app will be about a quarter of the size of the current app.

A smaller app will load quicker and be more responsive, even if you’re using an older device or you’re in an area with lower connectivity. Current tests put the new app as being twice as fast as the current version, while keeping all the features that users have come to expect. Don’t worry, you will still be able to send your friends stickers, pictures, and obnoxious amounts of GIFs.

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Social Media

Facebook wants to hear from you. Literally. For innocent reasons

(SOCIAL MEDIA) As if Facebook didn’t already own everything that is you, they are asking to hear you say a specific phrase for their new voice services.



facebook portal

Good news, Facebook is now offering to pay you to let strangers listen to you! Well, kind of.

Users connect to Viewpoints – a different app under the Facebook umbrella – which allows them to participate in market research. In this case, participants repeat the phrase “Hey Portal, call,” followed by the name of a Facebook friend, and submit the recording. The whole ordeal is about five minutes, tops.

By finishing this and other tasks, participants can expect to make a grand total of…$5. It’s not much, but at least that’s a fancy cup of coffee for work you can do while waiting for the ads to finish on your TV show.

So, why is Facebook shelling out $5 for people to make voice recordings? Surprisingly, it’s because AI is not nearly as smart as we sometimes assume – especially when it comes to voice commands. There’s a whole host of things that go into how we communicate, like posture, tone and even slang, which can make understanding vocal commands a much bigger ordeal.

In order to make improvements to the system, it often requires teams of humans putting in the leg-work. This means studying the disconnect between humans and machines, as well as creating solutions. Unfortunately, this human touch is also the excuse companies like Amazon use to justify listening in on your conversations. (Sure, users can ‘opt out’ but come on. That’s not exactly something Amazon advertises.)

As more people grow aware of the potential breach of privacy that tech like Alexa or Portal can bring, however, it’s put pressure on companies to scale back. Which is where Facebook’s new paid survey comes in. Unlike an anonymous employee listening in on a random Portal conversation, this way participants opt in, rather than out, of having their information shared.

The academic in me is slightly skeptical. There’s only so far a paid study like this can get, especially when it comes to the nuances of voice command. The conspiracy theorist in me is also skeptical, mostly because although Facebook promises they won’t sell your information or publicly share it, there’s still plenty of nefarious things to be done. That said, at the end of the day, at least Facebook isn’t just swiping information off your Portal…and you even get some pocket change in exchange.

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