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Snapvoice adds sound to photos: creative business ideas for using app


Based on the wild popularity of Snapchat, Snapvoice has launched separately, which they assert will take photo sharing to the next level by adding voice recordings to images.


Snapvoice: taking photo sharing to the next level

The Snapvoice app allows you to take a photo and record a message with it, so the recipient of your message can hear notes on the photo or the background story. Snapvoice’s goal is to take photo sharing to the next level, and it seems as though it has done just that. Snapvoice photos and voice recordings can even be shared and viewed on Facebook and Twitter.

Instead of having to send a photo attached to a long text, Facebook message, or email in explanation of the photo, you can simply record your voice along with it. The person you send a Snapvoice message to can then shake their phone and hear your explanation while viewing the photo. You can record up to ninety seconds of a message, and your friends can even respond with a voice message and photo of their own.

In order to give your photos a unique look to go along with your unique story or explanation, Snapvoice offers unique filters for free. So, you can get the basic look of an Instagram-inspired photo while still maintaining your individuality with your voice recording.

Snapvoice for business?

While the app is mostly a novelty and used for amusement, there are a select few uses for your business. For example, you could take a picture of each of your staff members and record a short bio for each of them. Share it on Facebook with your fans. It will give your company a more personal and relatable feel. Or, you could take a picture of your new product and include a voice description on Twitter. You could even host a simple voice-based caption contest as great way to get your name out there and create some hype.

Get creative with Snapvoice and start connecting with your customers in a new way, or just have fun being social.

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