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Vimeo evolves, adds Instagram-like filters

vimeo video effects

Vimeo has simplified video editing with filters and music enhancements, which could help expand the company’s appeal to more novices, both hobbyists and professionals.

vimeo video effects

Vimeo adds video editing features

Video uploading and sharing site, has long been known as a sleeker, more advanced alternative to YouTube, and is widely popular with filmmakers and videographers, but the company’s latest update widens their appeal to a growing novice crowd of videographers, due to the advent of the smartphone.

Instagram has paved the way for photo editing, and while not necessarily inventing something, they simplified amateur photography. Because of the popularity of their app, simplified and limited “filters” have trickled down into other apps and genres. Now, Vimeo offers filters for videos uploaded to the site that help novices to improve their videography and potentially learn the basics of color editing.

The company cleverly wrote on their blog, “Still trying to give your video that perfect look? Great news: we’ve got some simple tips to help. All you need is a crew of five to seven people, a $300,000 budget, one of those old-timey movie cameras with the big reels at the top, and Martin Scorcese’s phone number. Or you could do it in seconds with Looks, the latest addition to the Enhancer. Make any video look better, quickly and easily.”

Looks, recommended looks, and music enhancer

With a few clicks, videos can be given one of 500+ “Looks” from the Vimeo library, which offers instant previews so a proper selection can be made quickly. Looks are available for free for a limited time, but we are hoping that with the proper amount of demand, they will become a free part of the Vimeo offering.

Additionally, we are fascinated by the “recommended Looks” Vimeo automatically offers based on the specific video a user is uploading, or users can browse by genre, mood, location, color, time period, even holiday. “This means you can finally finish that ‘40s Christmas crime drama you’ve been working on since 1947,” the smarty pants company added.

Vimeo’s visual enhancing platform is powered by Vivoom which is used by the likes of ESPN and Sony, and the “Enhancer” offers music editing so that “your video ‘My Dinner with Grandma’ can be as badass in reality as it is in your twisted imagination.”

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