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Seeking quality writers from all backgrounds

Want to work for a notoriously irreverent news organization that is hellbent on changing the world? Sounds buzzwordy-barfy, but we’re serious, that’s our soul. We currently have two Staff Writer opportunities.

If you are enchanted by the power of words, enjoy storytelling, are obsessed with consuming news of all sorts, and die a little inside when you find typoes, this is your gig (see what we did there?).

Our team comes from various geographical backgrounds (we don’t subscribe to the coasts as the only dots on the map that matter), educational backgrounds (while several writers have PhDs, some barely have a GED, but all write with grit and precision), and ages (some are still in college, others started writing in the 70s). Some are new to writing, others are veterans. We’re a diverse team in every sense of the word (even politically), and we encourage neurodivergent candidates to apply. Our readers come from all backgrounds, so we make sure that our team does as well.

Staff Writers are fully remote freelance team members who are paid per story. You’ll spend a few hours a week on your craft, and your byline will include links to your social networks. You definitely won’t get rich here, but we’d love an opportunity to express how we’ll make it a fun and easy time, and why each story should take you around 30 minutes.

If you love writing, and the idea of helping to honor the entrepreneur community, we want to hear from you. You won’t have to worry about SEO or clicks or art, or any bullshit, just crafting a meaningful story.

Who we are: The American Genius is steadfastly devoted to serving up news to the national entrepreneur community. We also have a kick ass real estate section, we operate the popular Austin Digital Jobs group on Facebook that puts on quarterly mixers, aaaand we host Big Ass Social Happy Hour (BASHH) every month to keep Austin’s tech scene social. You won’t be involved in the events, just the news arm, but it’s good to get a broader picture of our objectives.

We are proudly an equal opportunity employer, and if you have any questions before, during, or after you apply, our Chief Operating Officer’s email is lani at and you’re invited to reach out – we mean it. We thank you for reading this far – you’re a champ!

Applications have now closed.

This freelance opportunity is now closed. All applicants will hear from us shortly, one way or the other. If you missed this round, we’ll open applications back up in Q1 2019. We’d be honored to have you consider joining us at that time!

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