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Choose Positive Change

Change” is the topic on top of many people’s minds these days and it is something many are calling for and looking forward to.  Change brings with it new hopes, new ways of seeing things, new ways of living, new realities and new dreams.  Dealing with change can be thrilling and exciting yet it can be quite stressful too.  How well you handle the prospect of change influences the quality of new opportunities coming to you.

Everybody deals with change in different ways.  For some it comes easy while others have a greater struggle dealing with new situations.  In these days, when change is so widespread, it helps when you take the time to understand and appreciate the new opportunities that change bringsCelebrating and enjoying the things you hold precious in your personal life can also help you feel grounded when everything else around you seems to be in chaos.

Here are a few tips for staying grounded during times of change to ensure you are prepared when opportunities present themselves to you (please feel free to share your tips and ideas):

  • Simplify-Reduce the clutter in your life, both physical and emotional.  Eliminate the things you no longer need and get rid of the things that trip you up and tie you down.  When you release the things that no longer fit who you are now, you make room for the new opportunities that are waiting for you.
  • Organize-A major factor in leading a stress free life is having things organized.  You do not need to be an organizational junkie, but keeping things put away in their places and having paperwork in their files where you can locate them when you need them will take you miles towards your goal of a Zen-like life.
  • Create Your Sanctuary-Turn your home into your special retreat.  Remove your shoes while in your house and leave the dirt and pollution outside.  Surround yourself with only things you love.  Take a look around and see if you need to rethink the layout of your furnishings or the choice of your accessories.  Perhaps you can move things around from room to room in order to turn each space into something special.  Pay extra attention to rooms where you spend a lot of time, your bedroom, office, living room, and kitchen; make them special and supportive for you.
  • Create Your Goals-In this time of change, it really helps to know where you are going.  Write down your goals and spend a few moments each day focusing on them.  Writing affirmations is a very powerful way to bring about powerful change in your life.  And if you find that your goals change or the affirmations do not feel right, change them!  Just as your life evolves, so too can your desires.  What feels like it might your perfect life plan today may change tomorrow.  Stay in touch with your inner self and focus on what is right for you.  It can be very empowering to recognize the door that has been placed right in front of you and to know that all you need to do is turn the knob.
  • Sharpen Your Skills- This is the area of your home and office that is the far left front corner nearest your front door.  The skills and knowledge area is an important area to have working well because unless you are sharp and prepared, you may not recognize the opportunities before you when you see them.  This is a great place for your books or to hang symbols of your desired skills or photos of mentors.  It is also a perfect place for anything that represents wisdom to you.  If it is a private place, why not place your list of goals here and make this the spot where you spend your time reviewing them?
  • Choose Positive Peers-Surround yourself with like-minded friends and family who share your positive feelings and goals.  Change is exciting and while not everyone has to have the exact same ideals, it is important that you feel supported by those around you.  Placing photos of those you love and respect in your home and office will help you feel supported even when they are not physically there with you.  Remember to keep your bedroom private though, this is not the place for photos of friends and other family members.
  • Get Grounded-Literally!-Spend some time out of doors and enjoy a bit of nature.  A breath of fresh air clears your mind and allows you to see things in a more positive light.  Take a walk, let the clouds lift from your head and let your spirit connect with the earth.  Chances are, you are going to come back with a new bit of insight and a better perspective than when you left.
  • Take Action-Now that you have organized and simplified your life and created your own sanctuary, have defined your goals, surrounded yourself with like minded individuals and taken a moment to get grounded and have a breath of fresh air, start taking action toward creating the change that you want to see.  The “doing” part of the plan brings everything together to make those opportunities real.
  • Filter Your Exposure-While it is important to be aware of world events, ensure that you are not overexposing yourself to the news media, television and other negative influences.  There are plenty of sources that like to focus on negativity, but do not make that your main diet.  Feed yourself plenty of healthy ideas, focus on positive changes, take steps to make your goals become your new reality and choose positive change now.

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Written By

Nickie is the founder of and She is a certified IBE Healthy Home Practitioner, Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner and Feng Shui Consultant. She has lived on both coasts (as well as in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains of Colorado) of the US and currently calls Los Angeles home. You can find her in plenty of spots in the online world and should you happen to catch her at home, she will probably make you something yummy!



  1. Chris Griffith

    November 15, 2008 at 8:40 am

    I watched evening news for the first time in over a year. What a buzz kill. I’ll never do it again.

    For the most part, I feel I’m a positive person. I follow a lot of your principals and will print this and read it a few times over the coming days as a refresher.

    Thanks for collecting this plan and putting it in print for the neggies.

  2. Christine Rich

    November 15, 2008 at 9:02 am

    Love your words! So on target and a great reminder of the way I focus my energies and work when I am “on my game.” Plus a wonderful reminder that it IS worth decluttering and simplifying in my own house, not just the homes my clients are selling. Thank you!

  3. Steve Simon

    November 16, 2008 at 7:58 am

    A lot of folks look at posts like this as “Corny”… However it is frightening how powerful the basic points are that are containied in it.
    The “Simplify” section is enough to make a world of difference. There is great healing and power in the single line, “When you release the things that no longer fit who you are now, you make room for the new opportunities that are waiting for you.”
    Great line:)

  4. Missy Caulk

    November 16, 2008 at 10:08 am

    Nicki, I have a vision board in my office so I can’t help but see the things I am desiring in my life.

    I only wish…I could get folks to take off their shoes, LOL Plus with 4 dogs and one cat it is hard to keep the dirt and pollution out.

    Great suggestions !

  5. Vicki Moore

    November 16, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    Keep those excellent ideas coming. Thank you for reminding me to “live my life.”

  6. Paula Henry

    November 17, 2008 at 11:55 am

    I recently moved and as I have gone through boxes, I realized there was a lot of things I just didn’t want any longer. I am taking your advice to surround myself with things I love.

    Of course you always have wonderful tidbits of information for making life less hectic and more tranquil and I will use a few more ideas from this post. I have it saved in my documents. Thanks!

  7. Affirmations Help

    November 22, 2008 at 12:51 am

    I too am in the process of cleaning house both mentally and literally.

    My old roommates use to watch the news every night to “be informed.” Of what? Negative crap that one needs to know? No thanks.

    I’ve been walking in nature more, eating healthier, and performing daily affirmations. As I continue to heal my life is improving thanks a lot to my positive affirmations about my own healing capability.

    How have affirmations worked for others? What strategies do you use?

  8. Nickie Rothwell

    November 22, 2008 at 1:00 am

    Hi Chris-Thank you! I am so glad you find the list useful!

    Hi Christine-Yes, it is important to remember to take time for ourselves! When your home supports you, you will be able to better meet the needs of your clients.

    Thanks Steve-it is the simplest things in life that are so easy to take for granted aren’t they? And they are quite often the things that can make the biggest difference in how well our life flows.

    Hi Missy, Vision Boards are awesome! I would love to see yours some day. I also have a cute little pup and no, she doesn’t remove her shoes either 😉 but the two-footed folks all do. Everyone just knows that is the custom in our house, so they just follow suit. I do try to keep slippers around in a few different sizes so no one gets cold toes.

    Hi Vicky, Thank you, and my pleasure and joy 🙂

    Hi Paula, Congratulations and I am so happy to hear about the wonderful things happening in your life! All my best wishes to you!

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