Austin startup, YouEarnedIt gets employees engaged in a snap


YouEarnedIt is a tool that brands use to keep employees happy, engaged, and recognized, because people really are what matters.

So few employees are enthusiastic about their work

Even though businesses are making strides, keeping employees engaged with their job is difficult for most organizations. In 2013, just 29.6 percent of employees were enthusiastic about, committed to, and involved in their workplace. This increased to 31.5 percent in 2014, but 51 percent of those polled were not engaged and 17.5 percent were actively disengaged. In a workforce of 100 people, only 31 of them are putting their best efforts forward for your bottom line.

YouEarnedIt, an Austin based startup, wants to change employee engagement. Founders Autumn Manning and Kenny Tomlin came together in 2012 to create a software platform that recognizes employee contributions and rewards performance and productivity on the job. The company raised $1.5 million seed money in 2014 to help them bring their product to market. Based on their list of businesses using the YouEarnedIt Software, companies such as, Tempur-Pedic, First Federal, Dell, and Pandora, they have a smart idea that is making strides in keeping employees engaged.


Using YouEarnedIt as an inexpensive addition to your wellness programs

When your business signs up with YouEarnedIt, there is a small monthly fee, which is probably much less than your other wellness and rewards programs. Through the software, employees earn rewards and connect with each other, making this an ideal product for companies with offices spread out regionally or even globally.

You can tailor the rewards to your company culture or use the ideas provided by YouEarnedIt. Employees can earn gift cards from Starbucks, opportunities to donate to charities, or even the chance to sleep in one morning. You could offer professional development sessions with a mentor or rock star parking for the month.

Your team deserves recognition

Tim Ryan, Director of Happiness Marketing with YouEarnedIt, who provided me with in-depth information about the startup, says that there is an 81 percent end-user adoption rate. They are targeting medium size companies, with 1,000 -10,000 employees, but YouEarnedIt works with companies as small as 50 employees and others with 100,000+. Small companies can be up and running in just one afternoon, but integrating the system with an HRIS system does take longer.

Your employees want recognition that they’re doing a good job. YouEarnedIt is a smart incentive program that is efficient and cost-effective for your business to manage. If the money you spend on YouEarnedIt keeps your staff productive, it would certainly pay for itself in the long run. There are concerns that your staff would spend time on this platform instead of working, but it seems as if YouEarnedIt would be something that could run in the background until they wanted to recognize another employee. If you’re finding it difficult to keep your employees engaged with business, check out this software and see how it could benefit your business.


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