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CallSnap: respond to an incoming call with a photo


CallSnap offers Android users a way to show callers what they are doing without answering the call, saving time and effort and keeping you focused on the task at hand so you don’t have to ignore one for the other.


CallSnap for Android users expands phone capabilities

With the CallSnap app, available exclusively to Android mobile users, you get a cool new way to tell your friends you are busy and cannot answer the phone right now. CallSnap replaces your incoming call screen with its own interface, giving you the option to select and send a picture to someone instead of answering.

This is a great way to let people know what you are doing and why you cannot answer, without the hassle of switching over to your text messages and typing out a long response, or letting voicemail pick it up and return the call later, explaining where you were and why you could not answer.

How CallSnap works

After you install the app, the best thing to do is take a look at the demo. It will show you where the gallery is, how the app works, and how you can share your pictures. You can also customize the CallSnap icon that will appear on your call screen, as well as your own image. When you have it customized the way you want, you are ready to go. When someone calls you, you simply slide the icon you selected to the camera logo and take a picture.

If you are worried that simply sending a photo will come off a bit unfriendly, CallSnap has you covered. For example, if you are out to dinner with family and a friend calls, it might be rude to just send a picture of the food you are eating. With the app you can type in a short message to say, “wish you were here,” and send it off. The message will be sent to the caller via a MMS message.

Using CallSnap to quickly say, “I’m busy, here’s why” can save you time and energy while keeping you connected with friends, family members and co-workers. You can show them what you are doing, keeping them in the loop, without having to be distracted from your present activities for more than a few seconds.

CallSnap is free in the Play Store and it gives you full access to all the features. The web site does say this is a limited time offer, so they may charge for downloads in the future, and a promotional video says it is free to try and $0.99 to buy, so available pricing is inconsistent but inexpensive nonetheless.

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