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Contatta: time saver for high volume email users on teams



Contatta is a huge time saver

How many times have you opened your mail to endlessly search for contact information, assign projects, or check in with your team? Searching and answering emails takes up a great deal of time that could be better spent elsewhere. While there are several applications available to help sort and manage email, it is hard to find something that will manage all of your needs seamlessly.

Contatta can help reduce your inbox by over 60% by virtually eliminating all internal email. Now, you can turn your emails into tasks and collaborative discussions, reducing the size of your inbox and allowing your team to get more work done.

Contatta is like having four services in one application: email, task management, team collaboration, and contact management. It uses SSL IMAP security to connect and synchronize securely with your existing email server, including: Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo!, iCloud, and many other servers. You can also connect over 300 of your favorite web apps through Zapier.

Contatta can manage your tasks, contacts, and projects from one place, eliminating the time spend searching through emails looking for a client’s contact information. Think of it like Basecamp integrated with your existing email: no more switching back and forth between programs.

Stop leaving unread emails in your inbox as your to do list

Instead of leaving unread emails in your inbox as task reminder, convert any email into a task with just one click in Contatta. Contatta automatically attaches the original email to the task, so everyone remains “in the loop.” You can also add contacts in a single click: simply highlight a sender’s email signature and click “add.” The application will instantly build a complete profile of your contact, including their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds (provided their handles are in their email signature).

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Once your contacts are loaded, clicking on their avatar will bring up their contact information, as well as your communication history. You can drag-and-drop files or upload links from Google Drive or Dropbox to Contatta and add tags to associate the files with people, projects, or companies. All comments from teammates will stay in context with your files and links without the endless searching through your inbox.

Eliminate “reply-all” chaos and forwards by sharing emails from your private inbox to collaborative “workrooms.” A workroom is a real-time instant messaging stream where you can discuss projects, share files, and connect with departments or the entire company, without meetings and without leaving your inbox.

You can also assign due dates, and brainstorm. By clicking the “subscribe” button, you will receive notification on all the projects and discussions you are involved in, so you never miss a message. If you want to address someone directly, just type the “@” symbol plus their name, just like tagging on Facebook or Twitter and you can address them directly. You can also invite customer service, clients, or IT Technicians to the workroom, allowing you to share files and address problems without leaving your email.

Your inbox always remains private and you can select who sees what data with the built-in privacy settings in the Contatta interface. Using Contatta can keep all your projects, contacts, and files, sorted, organized and synched without worrying about searching through your email. Definitely worth a look for an all-in-one email management and productivity tool.

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Jennifer Walpole is a Senior Staff Writer at The American Genius and holds a Master's degree in English from the University of Oklahoma. She is a science fiction fanatic and enjoys writing way more than she should. She dreams of being a screenwriter and seeing her work on the big screen in Hollywood one day.

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