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Create kick ass screencasts with Bandicam


(Tech News) Bandicam lets you produce amazing screencasts with minimal effort and without slowing down your computer.


Bandicam is epic. Really.

Bandicam is a Windows exclusive utility that can take screenshots, similar to the Microsoft snipping tool, capturing video and audio from application running on your computer. What makes Bandicam different is its ability to work well with computers that have limited hardware because it takes a lot of the strain off the CPU, and places it on graphics accelerators.

Also, Bandicam has the ability to compress video while recording, resulting in a smaller file size, and less time spent attempting to optimize a file. Also, Bandicam can record continuously for more than 24 hours, allowing you to capture as much information as possible.

While Bandicam works well just as it is, it also gives you the ability to make several tweaks to the codecs, to turn it into exactly what you need. You can tweak both audio and video codecs, as well as, some formatting; allowing you to personalize Bandicam to your own needs with minimal effort. Tech writer, Matthew Hughes gives a great overview of how you can tweak the settings to get the best performance.

But wait, there’s more

Recording screencasts is simple; click the game or application you want to share and press the “record” button. While there are several applications that can record screencasts, Bandicam makes it easy to capture individual screen selections as well. This is particularly useful if you need to share a small portion of an application for troubleshooting, or need to evaluate browser-based meetings at a later date.

Bandicam can also be used to share and integrate additional material in your meetings, emails, and promotional materials. Snag clips from competitors to show what you want to do, or want to avoid; grab educational materials for meetings; or break up a monotonous conference with a clip from Hulu. Whatever you use it for; Bandicam definitely makes create screencasts easier without slowing down your computer.



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    July 17, 2014 at 6:11 pm

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  2. rolandestrada

    July 19, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    Bandicam looks like a nicely coded app. Now, if they would just port it to a Mac. Well priced too.

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