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Google Drive offers password protection on iOS docs, but loses editing

google drive password

(Tech News) Google Drive has updated their iOS to offer new password protection, but drops the capacity to edit anything? Huh?

google drive password

Google Drive loses editing ability for iOS

Google has implemented several updates this week, one of which affected Google Drive. The new optional feature for iOS users allows you to select a four-digit passcode to protect your documents.

While this is a welcome feature, if you want to keep prying eyes away from your Google Drive; there is a down side. Along with this update, Google stripped the ability to edit your docs on the drive. If you attempt to tap the pencil icon, you will receive a “trying to edit?” message; you will then be prompted to use, or download the new Google Docs and Sheets apps for iOS, recently released for the first time as standalone apps. This will basically render the Google Drive on iOS a “viewing only” app.

Both apps store and retrieve their files in the Google Drive, but neither can view or open files not native to the program. The new Google Drive app will become more like the Dropbox app, able to view many different types of files, but reliant on external applications for editing.

This could be beneficial in two ways: first, it allows users to select only the programs they want to use; and second, both standalone apps have received offline support. So, you can now edit your spreadsheets and documents on-the-go, even in areas you cannot get an Internet signal.

You can still use Google Drive to view your stored documents and presentations on-the-go, even when you are without an Internet connection. But, Google hopes the new apps will enhance the user’s experiences while working. Google’s blog also mentions that a Slide app be available soon.

The Google Drive app for Android has not yet received an update, but, presumably it will arrive soon. The separation of Google’s apps seems to come at an ideal time, given that Microsoft recently released its Office for iPad suite. If you are an Android user keep an eye on the Google blog, or the Google Play store, for future Google Drive updates.

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