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Interviewy takes the pain out of audio transcription


(Tech News) Interviewy isn’t your grandma’s recording app, no, it makes audio a trillion times more usable – perfect for meetings, conferences, or interviews.


Interviewy isn’t your grandma’s recording app

If you ever conduct any type of interview or attend meetings where taking notes is to your benefit, you know how tedious transcribing audio can be. Interviewy is different from other recording apps.

It is an app for iOS that allows you to breeze through transcribing with something they call TypeTags. TypeTags are like bookmarks for the important parts of your audio.

They can be dropped during a recording by tapping and holding the bubble icon and you can add as many as you like. As you are interviewing or recording, placing a TypeTag allows to you to come back later and quickly review the most important parts of the audio when recording has finished. You no longer need to listen to the entire recording again. You can skip through your TypeTags in a matter of minutes.

And add in a dash of the cloud

All of your recordings are automatically backed up in the cloud for safe keeping; so if you ever lose your phone, you will not lose a recording. Interviewy is optimized for all types of audio situations, from conferences and lectures, to loud roundtables and packed discussions. It could potential eliminate the need for someone to sit in and transcribe entire meetings because you can TypeTag what you would normally bullet and have someone type up the notes at a later time.

Some extra steps you might want to take

I have read other reviews of this app, and the biggest complaint seems to be that the app does not keep your iPhone screen on. If you are familiar with your iPhone settings, and please be aware that this main drain your battery more quickly than normal, you can change your settings to accommodate the Interviewy app.

If you are concerned about your phone turning off during an interview, navigate to “settings,” then “general.” Scroll down about half way and you will see “auto-lock.” If you tap this, you will see several options ranging from one minute, to never. If you are using an app that necessitates your phone remaining on, just tap “never” and your screen will not lock. Just remember to change these settings back when you are finished with the app.

Interviewy is available in the App Store, free.

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