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Moodmetric: smallest wearable hits the market, marks an important evolution

Moodmetric is a new, tiny, itty bitty wearable that marks an important change in wearables as they become more than just wristbands.


Wearables are personalizing our reality

Wearables are letting us track our physical and psychological lives not only by memory, picture or video; but also by heartbeat, calorie intake, and emotional response. How we use this data in the future is going to determine the impact, and change that comes from our innate curiosity into how we work.

A company based in Finland called Moodmetric, is redefining the ways that we can use wearables, and increasing our quality of life at the same time. Touted as the world’s smallest biosensor, Moodmetric’s digital mood ring can log a person’s emotional past, track there emotional levels, and relay that data via Bluetooth back to an app which displays the data as a mood flower on their smartphone. A person can then use that data to compare, analyze, and create an action plan to add more happiness, harmony, and relaxation in their life.



Make a change for the better

Understanding which environmental conditions or actions are making you anxious or unhappy can be a powerful first step in helping to make a change for the better. “By naming our feelings, Moodmetric allows people to get to know themselves better,” Nina Venho, COO of Moodmetric, told International Business Times UK.

Meditation practitioners will be able to create more effective practices by having real time emotional data displayed on their smart phone screen. People with anger problems can determine what stressors create the most aggravation. Employers can also use this data to also create better work environments for their employees.



How Moodmetrics works

Moodmetrics uses a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) sensor, the same sensor used in a lie detector to track a person’s emotional state. When someone is aroused psychologically or physiologically, the sweat glands; which are related to our sympathetic nervous system, secrete water and electrolytes, which in turn can be measured through electrical conductance in the skin. When a very low voltage current is run through the skin, the different combinations of chemicals in our sweat create data that can be read on machines such as a polygraph. However, instead of being used for fighting crime, the Moodmetric has a much more relaxing purpose in mind.

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Designed by Vesa Nilsson, a jewelry designer in Finland; The Moodmetric is the smallest device of its kind. Created as a fashion accessory as well, Moodmetric can be fitted with diamonds or other materials that tailor to the individual. and with a price tag of $200.00, Moodmetric will be available for purchase this summer.




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John Linneman is a Portland, Oregon native who owns and operates small digital marketing business. He went to school at Portland State where he studied business, and writing. He majored in writing and theater at PSU, and still holds these things true, but has since moved on and transferred his talents to the business, and marketing world. Connect with him on Twitter or on his blog.

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