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MyCrowd might actually innovate how freelancers are hired


(Tech News) MyCrowd has launched to make sense out of hiring freelancers, and with all of their tech goodies built in, they might actually shake things up.


A new marketplace for freelancers already going 10 million strong

In a sea of competitors, MyCrowd has launched, and appears to have a chance to actually shake things up. It aims to create the biggest marketplace for freelancers, using a keyword search, so you can look for something specific such as “logo design” which then results in a listing of qualified candidates. For each worker in the list, you will see a feedback rating from 1-5 stars, as well as, actual text feedback from previous customers.  

If workers have chosen to take competency tests those scores are also displayed. MyCrowd also generates a word cloud to visualize the workers skills as seen across their whole profile; this provides an intuitive way to quickly see a workers prime skills. What we are most fascinated by is that MyCrowd can run as an overlay to any webpage, allowing users to find, hire and manage freelance talent with just a single click. Easy.

Currently, it is aggregating content from Asana, Office 365, Google Chrome, Optimizely, and Microsoft PowerPoint which allows users to directly request and manage workers from any software application. However, it also has plans to partner with oDesk, Elance, and Guru. By partnering with these other freelancing-focused sites, they will be able to add all available freelancing talent on a single platform.

MyCrowd’s integration of Optimizely will help customers get the most out of their experience by bringing MyCrowd’s workforce directly into the app to help with page design, imagery, writing code and creating experiments. It also supports AB testing products, so it can be integrated, in future, with Visual Website Optimizer, Unbounce, and more.

Other interesting features

As previously mentioned, MyCrowd also has a bookmarklet which enables it to launch as an overlay atop virtually any website, including Office 365 and Google Docs. This offers the user a one-click convenience, allowing you to hire a new freelancer in less than five minutes. You can also use the Chrome browser extension in the same manner. The ease of use is one of MyCrowd’s key differentiating features.

“MyCrowd turns the familiar freelancing model on its head by bringing high-quality workers directly to users,” said Matthew Cordasco, CEO of MyCrowd. “Every day millions of tasks are left undone because it’s too much of a hassle to navigate to a portal like 99designs to create an entire project to complete a task. MyCrowd opens up a level of convenience in requesting and managing tasks that is a boon to business folks.”

If you are looking for a freelancer and do not want the hassle of surfing through endless profiles, MyCrowd is a meaningful solution.

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