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(Tech News) Just launched in beta, helps boost your customer service by automating communications for the modern era.

Keep your customers in the loop of communication, automatically

Customer service in the digital age can be a hassle. If you take too long to respond to a customer’s email or phone call, they can quickly take to social media outlets and post their grievances for a few thousand other people to read; and then you have to begin the process of damage control.

Instead of simply responding to customers’ inquiries and complaints, think about driving communication, letting them know that you are working on their issue and have the situation under control. It helps to prevent a feeling of being “forgotten,” as well as, multiple follow-up emails inquiring about the current status of a problem. helps you accomplish this by centralizing communication. All of your messages to and from your customers are stored online so you, or anyone else you authorize, can access them: any time, any where. Whether your customer prefers email, texts, or phone calls, keeps your information in sync.

If you like to email and your customer likes phone calls; you will both get the information in your preferred format. Also, sends actionable reminders. Instead of reminding you to take action, like a calendar alert, asks you to take action right now. If you set an alert, you can reply to the alert reminder and instantly reach the customer. The message will be sent to their preferred method of contact and you can move on the next alert.

Anticipating needs of your customers

Your dashboard shows you which messages are unread, how they like to be contacted, and which customer need attention immediately versus issues already being resolved. For customers with claims/complaints/etc., each issue is color coded: red, orange, green, enabling you to quickly see which issues need immediate attention. Communication made simple.

By anticipating your customers’ needs and keeping them in the loop, you prevent frustration. And when you prevent frustration, you facilitate positive reviews and referrals; which, not only helps your existing business, but also helps it expand. Also, by automating your responses, you can reduce inbound phone calls and emails; saving you time and money.

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1 Comment

  1. Stephanie Crawford @AgentSteph

    March 19, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    Looks a lot like Brivity.

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