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Qoffee launches to un-suck your team meetings

(Tech News) Qoffee is a new tool that is designed to keep you on task, make meetings more collaborative, and be less of a time suck. Genius!



Qoffee keeps you on task and focused

You know what it’s like to pack everything up and head for a quiet conference room filled with sleepy people sharing small talk. You know it’s going to suck another hour out of your life because someone will sidetrack the meeting or meander all over the place, and you’ll try to stay awake while you check up on the latest sports scores or your Instagram likes under the table.

The founders of Qoffee have set out to make team meetings suck less by using technology to set an agenda and stick to it. Do you hear that? Stick to it. How?

By using the Lean Coffee Method, attendees can dynamically and democratically generate a meeting agenda digitally by submitting and voting on talking points prior to a meeting.

Votes determine the priority levels of each topic and sets them in order, dedicating more time to the more highly voted on agenda items. At the meeting, attendees will be notified when the allotted time for an agenda item has expired and it can either be reset, or used as a cue to move off of that item and keep the meeting on task.

Video demo of Qoffee

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The pros and cons

As a standalone product, Qoffee is an insanely simple way to avoid those painful team meetings and actually get stuff done. We see it as particularly useful for entrepreneurs running small teams where there are more indians than chiefs, and for organizations that meet frequently and rely on input.

It is said that the new product has some shortcomings with functionality, and that because there is no recording function, it is an incomplete product, but while we see other ways to overcome it without their pivoting, adding some simple features could make it an even more useful go-to product.

It’s worth a shot for anyone who hates meetings and wants to be free from the meandering time suck that they can be.

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