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Let randrr help you find the perfect career for you

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(TECH NEWS) Choosing a career path can be a tough decision. And sometimes it’s nice to get all the help you can.

What’s your dream job?

Deciding on a career path can be one of the most daunting tasks we complete during our lives. For some of us, it comes easy (“Jenny was born to be a teacher!”) but for others, it takes a little figuring out.

As someone who falls on the latter side, I wonder if I should have taken those career aptitude tests a little more seriously in high school. While I don’t mind the “figuring it out” stage, I always appreciate any advice or insight that will help me to find my path.

The grandeur of randrr

I recently stumbled upon something that helps one discover their career potential. That something is called randrr and it gives users necessary insight they need to discover and pursue their dream career.

“Randrr learns about your experience and interests to surface opportunities and utilizes vast occupational data to help you visualize your potential career journeys,” according to developers.

“We compare your profile to others in your field so you can gauge your position in the market and know what you need to do to stand out. Randrr then compares your profile to job requirements and delivers the most qualified matches while allowing people to explore higher paying jobs and careers.”

Learn about yourself

Through a series of steps including, designing your career, knowing your marketability, utilizing a smarter job search, and comparing salaries, randrr can help get users some knowledge to help steer them down a path that suits them.

With designing your career, you can explore jobs, identify dream roles, and develop a plan to make that dream a reality.

This is done by learning about your past experiences and interests in order to determine occupations that may be right for you.

How to market yourself

You can learn your marketability by comparing yourself to others in your field. Your profile can be compared to shed light on what you can do to stand out against the competition.

Randrr uses a “smarter” job search by displaying the jobs you qualify the most for first.

You have the option to save the job or apply right then and there.

Don’t sell yourself short

Finally, with salary comparison, you can see how your salary compares to others in your market. You can view the salary range for any role and see how it compares to your salary.

Randrr is currently taking sign ups for early access.


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