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Supercharge your inbox with Quickly, get to inbox zero asap

quickly app inbox zero

(Tech News) Supercharge your emails with new platform Quickly, allowing multiple actions on a single email and getting your closer to inbox zero.

quickly app inbox zero

Quickly could make your inbox zero dream a reality

A seemingly endless stream of email is becoming the norm for most of us. Often times, items go unopened because we simply do not have time to address every item. “Inbox zero” seems like a pretty lofty goal, but that is no reason to give up completely on organizing your inbox. Many programs automatically sort, color code, or produce to-do lists based on your email, but a new platform is taking a new approach that has the potential to reduce the amount of time you spend cruising your inbox.

Quickly is a new platform aimed at supercharging your inbox. It takes a look through your email and makes suggestions based what it finds and will begin to learn more about how you use your email. After installing Quickly, it will ask you to approve or deny a suggestion. Every time you approve an action, Quickly performs it, but it also learns how you want to handle similar emails, allowing you to streamline future actions. For example, if you frequently receive emails with attachments, and Quickly finds that you typically save them to Dropbox; the next email you receive with an attachment Quickly will suggest you save it to Dropbox. If you approve this suggestion, you will be able to select any folder in Dropbox from a dropdown menu within your email. Once you have synced Quickly with all of the programs you frequently use, you will not have to leave your email to save anything.

Each suggestion will appear at the top of your email message. So, if you have an attachment, you will see a Quickly button with the Dropbox logo, waiting for your approval. Each suggestion is based on email content, receiver information, and your email’s structure. By connecting your programs, it allows you to immediately facilitate action based on your email content. It eliminate procrastination because you can do common tasks in one click, based on Quickly’s autosuggestions, rather than spend time saving attachments to appropriate folders, looking for a contact, or syncing things to Dropbox.

Getting s**t done from your email inbox

If a single email needs you to do several things, like store an invoice, add a row to a spreadsheet, and reply to the email stating it has been completing; all of these things can be done with a single click in Quickly. Once Quickly learns how you use your email, multiple suggestions will appear atop an email. For instance, you may see a Dropbox, Google Drive, and Facebook suggestion all on one email, based on what Quickly thinks you will need. The site does say it can take a little while for Quickly to learn what you like, but once it learns how you use your email to interact with people, this has the potential to save a tremendous amount of time.

Quickly is compatible with Asana, Gmail, MailChimp, Google Drive, Evernote, WordPress, Stripe, Salesforce, Zoho, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Calendar apps, as well as the available Chrome plugin for Gmail. There are many more programs expected to join the list when Quickly launches. As more programs join, this could be the go-to tool for email management, as you can take multiple action on the same email within the same screen.

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1 Comment

  1. MarkMcTweet

    July 22, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    Who else gets sick of waiting in line for Betas… Maybe I’m just an impatient person, but when I hear about a cool new technology that has a beta i want in right then. It always seems like by the time I receive the invite I’m over it or at least out of the mindset to give it a real shot.

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