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TixTime cures employee timecard headaches


(Tech News) Launching in beta, TixTime is poised to cure the ills associated with employees’ timecards from inaccuracies to extra work.


Freedom from timecard mistakes, other problems

TixTime collects timecard data through a web interface, so you no longer need to manually copy timecard information between systems or forms. This helps eliminate mistakes; since it collects the data as it happens, the human error factor is eliminated. It also gives you an overview of attendance so you can quickly see who is absent. It also allows you to easily manage overtime, since you can see it with a simple glance through a spreadsheet.

TixTime links your timesheet and work schedule together so that you have real time operations status information at your fingertips. See who is scheduled to come in on the next shift, if anyone has called in late or sick today, who is scheduled to leave next, and much more. TixTime also lets you know who is working overtime so you can know exactly what your schedule budget will look like for the day.

TixTime is easy to integrate with other systems in your Call Center. Timesheet and attendance systems can automatically import data, and can just as easily be exported to many payroll applications. When you need information on an employee: timesheet, schedule, or attendance event, you can see it at-a-glance.

Custom reports, export payroll, other features

Custom reports are available to suit the needs to any call center or sophisticated lead setup, allowing you to select only the data you need so you can compile reports quickly and easily. No manual calculations, no confusing data and no missing entries. TixTime provides an all round solution to company’s time management and manpower management duties.

TixTime setup takes less than an hour and only four simple steps. First, add employee names. You can also add phone numbers, emails, and other information, but to proceed to the next step, you only need to enter their names. Next, create schedules. Just click “new schedule” and start adding your shifts. Then, you manage your time in/out for employees. Just click on “time in/out” and mark who is there. You can always edit it later.

Finally, you can export payroll. No more paperwork. You can easily lock a payroll period, review it, and print what you need; work on it any time, anywhere.

If you pay your employees by the hour, TixTime is worth a look.

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