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Uncover the cookie monster hidden in your computer

Cookies can be super useful for remembering passwords and other data needed for constantly-accessed sites, but are they safe?

internet cookies

internet cookies

The hidden cookie monster

Warning: If you are hungry, close out of this article. It might activate your sweet tooth. Let’s talk about cookies. Not the edible kind, but the digital kind.

Cookies, as you hopefully know, store login information, preferences, and other bits of technical data on your computer and relay that information to the concerned sites.

Fear no more, there is no actual cookie monster

If you’re afraid of cookies because they have a negative connotation (no, they’re not viruses or spyware), fear no longer. Remember folks, there is no cookie monster – they are simply text files logging your session token and other minute information about your internet activity.

Cookies are even convenient in some ways. If you had to type in your full email and password every time you opened Facebook, you’d probably resort to simply talking to people in person. Drastic, right?

Not that there is anything particularly troubling about them in the first place, but now you can lay them all out before your very eyes and see what the other side sees.

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Enter CookieSpy

CookieSpy allows you to whip out the proverbial microscope and get down and dirty with your web history. I know that sounds like a weird sci-fi romance movie, but follow me, here. This tool organizes your cookies and makes them available for easy viewing, listing all the important details about each of them. You can even sort them by browser – Chrome cookies to the left, Safari to the right – so that you don’t get confused.

Is this cookie safe? Will it expire soon? These are questions that CookieSpy can answer with efficiency. And yes, the questions posed do also apply to snacks, but stay focused. We’re talking about your computer, here.

The cookie jar is full – empty it out

This giant cookie jar has been filled to the brim with the sites you visit and the information regarding your clicks and purchases for a while. Now, thanks to CookieSpy, that jar is see-through. Transparency is important when examining your web footprint, so stay on top of what you’re telling whom.

Now, stop salivating on your keyboard and munch on something before your appetite gets the best of you.


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Staff Writer, Johnny Crowder, is a hard working creative with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a deep passion for writing. In his other life, he is the front man for signed metal band, Dark Sermon. He has a wicked sense of humor and might literally die if he goes a day without putting pen to paper.

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