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Why all website owners should know about the new algorithm that detects nudity

The ease of accessibility of information through online channels can lead to increased business scrutiny, especially where nudity is concerned.


Trying to keep it at least PG-13?

The accessibility of information through online channel makes a businesses image increasingly scrutinized. Evidence of such exists through tales of those immersed in the interview process for positions that pine over whether of not images from their social media accounts may be seen and objected to be prospective employers. Companies can and should take their image seriously. Algorithmia emphasizes that pretense by offering a way to identify and avoid risks so that decisions can be made based upon all the readily available facts that influence them.

For companies that hope to achieve a PG-13 image toward their audience, Algorithmia goes as far as to detect nudity in media that can alienate visitors who may be prospective clients. Being able to analyze images that exist from advertisements or user-submitted posts allows a company to maintain the image it hopes to achieve so that their website sincerely conveys their company culture.

Mitigate your risks

The prevalence of algorithm use in this manner transcends beyond the mitigating the risk of posting a nude or provocative image that may be viewed as inappropriate. Algorithms offer solutions to regulate other facets of a company’s website. Being able to effectively do so offers business owners a way to achieve quality assurance.

For many companies, message boards are deeply impactful when it comes to listening to and addressing customer concerns. Furthermore, cultivating a safe message board where people can share and discuss ideas is integral to increasing web traffic. By using tools that can regulate these boards so that they serve to the best of their abilities, a company can improve this component of its website.

Even if it isn’t for the sake of censoring nudity, algorithms offer businesses a way to understand what their public image is. In doing so, they have greater control of how to convey themselves to prospective customers. Being able to create an image that genuinely identifies your business is essential to making it stand out among others. In doing so, a business can make a first impression that goes toward a long lasting relationship with its clients.


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Brian Clark is a Staff Writer at The American Genius and The Real Daily. He earned a BA in Political Science from The University of Massachusetts, and works in the legal industry by day while also balancing his writing career.

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