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Wiiv: 3D printed, literally-made-just-for-you customized gear

BASE by Wiivv is a Canadian bionics company that creates body-perfect insoles that are measured off your smartphone and brought to life through Wiiv’s 3D printers.


BASE by Wiiv

Your smartphone can honestly help you do anything in this crazy world – including make your next set of custom shoe inserts. No, you didn’t misread that. BASE by Wiivv is a Canadian bionics company that creates body-perfect insoles that are measured off your smartphone and brought to life through Wiiv’s 3D printers.


App and snap

As many of you already know, every person’s foot measures differently, often making shoes uncomfortable and walking painful. According to BASE by Wiivv, their product “is a body-perfect insole that is engineered to maximize comfort, promote alignment and lessen fatigue. Your pair of BASE insoles will closely follow your unique foot curves to give you the support and stability that you need to keep going.”

To start the five minute process of customizing your BASE shoe inserts, download the Wiivv iOS app. A video will walk you through taking pictures of your feet so that accurate measurements – within 3 mm – are on file for you each of your feet.  Through the app you can then choose among four base colors for your inserts, and eight top sheet colors, making your inserts visually fun and unique.

After your uploaded images are verified by an expert, your personalized insoles are printed out by 3D printers which use SLS technology. These lasers create your durable insoles which will last you two years of daily use and only cost $75. There is really nowhere else worth going for affordable, customized shoe inserts.

Because science

BASE by Wiivv’s “specially designed heel cup delivers optimum stability, shock absorption and comfort. The “hole in the heel cup” design was created in collaboration with pedorthic experts to reduce heel raise. Reduced heel raise is a key feature that allows users of BASE insoles to keep the built-in or removable insoles of their current footwear. The ¾ shell delivers biomechanical neutrality, lessens pressure on the forefoot, and offers better stability.”

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Wiivv is the only way to go for customized shoe inserts. They are truly “building a better foundation for every step you take.” And while they have started with custom shoe inserts, who knows where they will venture next.


Staff Writer, Abigail White is a wordsmith who hails from the Deep South, having graduated with a degree in Journalism from Auburn University. She is usually reading three books at once, loves history, sarcasm, and arguing over the Oxford comma.

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