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Google maps can now be edited by the public – Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker

Three years ago, Google Map Maker launched and users in the beta group could add edits to any Google map ranging from correcting improperly named streets to adding detail to maps or even pedestrian shortcuts.

After extensive testing and laying the groundwork for Google’s ability to moderate edits prior to publication, they have finally gone public with the project so now, any Google account holder can add edits.

The implications in real estate are twofold- first, no other industry is as focused on location, location, location as real estate and accurate, detailed mapping can make the difference between a listing being sold and remaining stagnant in the era of online real estate search. Secondly, Bing maps are arguably superior to Google maps in many ways, but Google is making it clear that their creativity and willingness to crowdsource will help them improve their mapping.

After watching the above video, what other real estate implications do you see?



  1. AgentGenius

    April 20, 2011 at 9:18 pm

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