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Quality real estate video – is it the videographer or the subject that matters?

Quality real estate video

Some question whether quality real estate video is high quality because of the videographer or the subject. Do new homes or luxury homes automatically mean better video or does a skilled videographer with quality equipment and editing tools video better? We have seen plenty of video filmed by Realtors from a flip phone that look like horror films, so our belief is that a videographer can do wonders from a luxury listing to a run down REO.

The above video is from Australian videography company Crown Productions with an impressive video tour of a new home. As we recently reported, Australia has a high concentration of quality video and they are adventurous in their methods, experimenting with short video, cinematic productions and turning Realtors into video stars.

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  1. Sheila Rasak

    July 31, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    I've done a little experimenting in this field with a Flip Video and pretty much feel that the only thing missing in my tours is the ability to insert language during various shots. I have an older Flip and am wondering if a newer cam might be all that I need. Thanks for the reminder that the public enjoys these tours!

  2. David Pylyp

    July 31, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    The content is the best contribution you can provide your viewers. Promote the content (content is king) on social media sites. Find topics or localism that promotes your community.

    Embed the video content into your blogs; describing your community, local business or news items (local business opens)

    Create topical video's about your function as a professional realtor, What services do you provide? What is your unique selling proposition! Invest a little in equipment, Buy what you will use, but external microphones greatly improve sound quality.

    There are multiple hosting platforms, Most are free some you pay for.

    Best advice? Have fun! Try Fail Retake, read off a prompter; use crib notes, laugh You are not making Gone with the Wind.

    Check out a few of my videos on Help yourself to any topic ideas you like. Ideas are universal.

    David Pylyp
    Accredited Senior Agent Toronto Canada

  3. I think that video was worthless!

    It showed the house but did not talk about the house, the area, the schools, the neighborhood.

    What if I hated that song? Call me GONE

    well, it was better than a slideshow or some mortgage guy shooting a video of a tv news update – yep, I really saw that.


  4. Tamara Perkins

    August 14, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    I don't understand why people find real estate videos where the camera "slides" 3 feet interesting or informative? Why not just show still photos? Buyers want to see the HOUSE. The layout, the flow. That's where video can shine. This new trend of "sliding" across a photo is really annoying and quite boring after awhile. I see them called "cinematic". B.S.

    I understand the "effect", but it's only an "effect" but when used for every single room is dull and boring. "Effects" aren't mean to be used all the time!

    These things are becoming as common as slideshows. Is it really COMPELLING to see water coming out of a faucet? (I know that's how they work!) Or the gas burners on a stove – burning? Or blurring out images of candles (again, another over used "effect" that serves NO purpose for selling real estate. Or showing pictures of flowers?

    A video of a home should give more information than stills – otherwise I'd rather look at stills. Be creative with video – show us the layout, the neighborhood, local amenities. Not just 'sliding' across the dining room table. SNOOZE. Seems like the lazy way to make a video.

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